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21 Big Brother 15

BB 15 is honestly the most underrated season of all the CBS reality shows. I feel as if this season gave the audience what we have been asking for in this show, female strategists and Amanda and Helen, you have two early blindsides with David and Nick,two of the best double eviction episodes I have ever seen with the Judd blindside and Andy making probably the ballsiest move I have ever seen in the game and manipulating both McRae and Elissa to believe that he didn't betray Amanda was phenomenal. If you don't even think about the controversy in the season in which I must add the fans displayed as ugly of behavior for calling for these people to be fired from their jobs kinda classless, but anyway if you get through with the racism Big Brofher 15 is a good season of Big Brother with Andy being a really Great winner as that guy really showed us how to use social skills to win Big Brother.

This isn't even on the list

I liked this season, my favorites were Aaryn and gm

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