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21 Clinic
22 8 iz Enuff

Seriously? Listen to this song his multis are amazing this should be number 1 or at least top 5

23 Casualties of a Dice Game

I'm so surprised this this not at least in the top 10, this isn't just the most underrated song of his career, this is one of the most underrated rap songs of all time. I mean like, just listen to the lyrics, they tell such a perfect story of life in the hood, and of course his rhyming ability is at its best. Just listen to the song carefully at least 3 times and you will see.

The best. Amazing imagery, paints a very realistic picture of the consequences suffered by all involved in the gambling, and how all the selfishness is depicted as having negative consequences despite being a "gangsta rapper". Flow is top notch. Every line contributes to the story.

24 7 Minute Freestyle

Probably the greatest lyricism in rap history... And future. untouchable enough sed!

25 I Don't Understand It

I completely agree with every word in this song. Each verse is lyrically genius. It's amazing how true this song is and it's even more true today. I'm working on a Big L tribute and this is easily my favorite song

Why MC's take this rap game for granted I don't UNDERSTAND IT

Big L basically prophesied the rap game with this one, everything that is happening in 2013 in´╗┐ hip hop is what Big L was talking about in this song

26 The Big Picture (Intro)
27 Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous

How the hell is this so far down?

28 Work Is Never Done

The greatest of all time, I am bored of Put It On now, this is my new favorite! RIP Big L the greatest rapper of all time! I love BIg L and always have! He is my favorite singer and the best freestyler of all time! I wished Lamont Coleman didn't get shot, otherwise he would've been the best, at the moment in 2011 they would've call him a legend, same a Tupac and Notorious BIG, RIP Legend!

I agree with the previous comment, you have to be diverse with your Big L listenings, he has better songs than Put It On, like THIS. This is my favorite song of all time, I am not joking, BIg L, should still be ALIVE, I WISH HE WAS ALIVE TO REAK HAVOC ON THIS NEW POP STARS LIKE Lil Wayne!

I love BigL! And if he was still alive he would be the greatest of all time, too bad all of the good rappers have to die The most underrated Big L song in history! I think Big L is better than Eminem, Big L is true hip hop!

29 The Big Picture

Big L is a very intellectual rapper and is so much better than 50 Cent! Not success wise but his skills are so much more advanced than his and this song is a perfect example of how he has made an impact on peoples opinions!

The Big Picture is an amazing song and it is what true hip hop is all about, Big L is the best ever, you have to understand him, not to many people know him because of 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, The Game and Dr. Dre! They don't know real rappers!

Big L has always been the greatest, but he didn't really know it! But everybody knows it secretly, that he is better than a lot of singers of today! Enough from Lady GaGa she is the worst!

The greatest most lyrical Big L song of all time! Big L is better than such legends like Eazy-E, Tupac and Biggie Smalls, and that's saying SOMETHING

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30 Holdin' It Down
31 Games Females Play
32 I Won't
33 Fall Back
34 The Heist Revisited
35 Day One
36 Size Em Up

Probably one of his best songs, Not lyrically but the flow in this song is one of the best I've ever heard in rap

37 Furious Anger
38 Audition
39 Once Again
40 Hard to Kill
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