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21 We Are

I love then tune of this song

We are, we are
We are alive and the light the shining now

We are, we are
We are alive and light the shining now

What's with you BTR Fans? This is the best BTR song ever and it'll always be. Please put this at #1. I think the another underrated BTR song is This Is Our Someday, which I find their 3rd best.

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22 Love Me Love Me

Logan you did an awesome job on making this song
I can't get it out of my head!
And I like the voice editing you did!

Love me love me guys!

My fave love this song it's the best

I love this song so much that I'm afraid if I will hate it. And my baby Logan... I LOVE YOU...

Btr forever! :-)

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23 This Is Our Someday

Best Big time Rush song ever, it rocks, has a meaningful message, only sucks about it is its not on itunes, thankfully some geek friends of mine have recovered it


Too bad not on iTunes :/great song inspireing nice beat, should be number one

I love the message of this song and, of course, how the guys sing it. It's my favorite song on their first album by far!

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24 Superstar

I always love this song. Whenever I hear this song I feel like I'm also a superstar. You guys gotta check-it-out

That's true. All the time you should feel that you are a superstar

I like the music he feels so good


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25 Blow Your Speakers

It does sound a little good only, but to who wants to party with a good rhythmic beat, give this a thumbs up!

I love that song also is my favorite song in my life and I love Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush?

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26 Just Getting Started

Rushers, GET UP for it. Is one of their besr songs ever. You won't get another one, like EVER.

27 I Know You Know

I love this song so much! I listen and sing it like a billion times a day, and I never ever get sick of it, it's an awesome song and it sounds really cool! the rap is good too! I like all of the big time rush songs, but I think this one stands out the most, and it's my fave! BTR rocks!

it reminds me of my boyfriend which I love very much.. happy 6months I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...

Love this song especially Kendall

Lloveee it 2nd favorite

28 You're Not Alone

Best big time rush song ever, me and my girls song I don't know why it's not on here

This song is sweet and it reminds me that I'm not alone and someone in the world will like me. I just love BTR they are amazing and I would love to meet them one day.

This song reminds me of my Best Friend and how he's always been there for me.

Kendall Schmidt wrote the song You're Not Alone

29 Shot In the Dark

Becasue I like their songs and She likes your songs because I'm your
Biggest fan of all time I listen to your songs all the time and all night
Shse hears it all the time she goes in or out Keyla loves big time rush
But she

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30 Show Me

Why was this one never up! Come on... Really? This IS the BEST! BIG TIME RUSH!

Their best song ever! At least according to me. I love it!

THIS SONG ROCKS! I'm listening to it right now!

I am a rusher forever

31 Cover Girl

This is definitely my favorite. I think it's one of their most well written songs with lyrics with amazing intentions, to make a girl feel beautiful. And in my opinion, it's their best. And not because Kendall wrote it and he's my absolute favorite member, but the lyrics are so meaningful and speak to you. Love.

I love cover girl because it has saved so many lives. The song has meaning and it tells people how everybody is beautiful no matter what anybody says to you. Big time rush loves us and and we are their cover girl.

It is the one song that just shows every girl they're beautiful

You're the only one that rocks my world

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32 Invisible

This song is the doing that saved my life

SOME one please listen to this song.. Its awesome

It's a adorable song I really love it #rusher

You'll be right there
And I'll be right by your side

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33 Amazing

I love this some, iT'S AWESOME.

34 No Idea

No idea is a song I love q especially for this sad episode q even me thought saddened by q q not end up well but was so and so I like it for q is romance and talks about a lost love one wants to recover and q surely will

This is personally my favorite song. It is well written and they sing it perfectly. I was actually surprised it was near the bottom. Its one of the sad songs... Nice to listen to

James's voice in this song is perfection, its perfection in every song though!

I relate so much to this song. I have fallen in love this beautiful girl who has "no idea" that I'm even here. :')

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35 The Giant Turd Song

All of these songs are horrible, this is the only song that comes close to representing the band. BTR rely on auto tune to get anywhere close to sub-par, which I guess makes them a giant turd.

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36 Get Up

I love this song so much! If ihear this song, I'm feel my soul comeback! And I logan henderson

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37 Count on You

its a beautiful song about love. I think ist the best song from Big time rush!

Jordin's voice blends really well with the boys

Jordin sounds so good with big time rush
And the music video rules


To me this the best song, my comment it should be the top

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38 Picture This

I love this song and I am there biggest fan ever I love Carlos he is so cute!

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39 Epic

This one is for the ladies the re looking so amazing...I love you Logan!


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40 Love Me Again

I love this song because, BTR is my favourite boy band on the world

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