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41 Time of Our Life

LOVE IT! Good job Logan! It's an amazing and a awesome song! I always want to dance when I listen to this song! IT' so catchy! IT rocks! 1 of the best songs on the album elevate!

I'm always up when it talks to LOGAN. Anyway this song is so good. ♥

I can't belive this song is one of the last one it shuold be number 1 best song ever

I love it

42 All Over Again

I love every song all big time rush I didn't know which to choose from there all amazing. I LOVE LOGAN HENDERSON

I love the beat and music to this! The song always makes me get up and dance I LOVE YOU JAMES! Rusher from Wisconsin, Milwaukee!

How is this song so low in the list... great song and it should be up among the top 10

This is my favorite of their songs. I'm so in love with logan! < 3

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43 Crazy for U

I'm crazy for this song and crazy for big time rush especially KENDALL. I want to meet you guys.

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44 Beautifull Christmas

Great song not just for Christmas but anytime of the year

45 Featuring You
46 Movin' Up to Bel-Air

This is the craziest and funniest song I've ever heard from btr. Hope they record more crazy songs

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47 Song for You

I love this song so much I listen to it all the time. It gets me in a good mood

I really think this song should be higher up. It's a really cool song - BTRluver

The song feat. Karmin is the most attractive because it has rap and that makes it even better and what I love about the 3rd album is that it ts wrriten all by the guys and is just so dancy and funny

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48 All I Want for Christmas
49 She Drives

The guys just sing this song for fun. The music is very cheerful too. I hope btr will release more amazing songs like this

50 Young Love

This has to be there best song by a mile even if it is a cover of jedward it still has to be there best song and they sound the best singing this song

Such a great song and cover of JEDWARD I love there music but this is there best song and isn't cheesy its like a classic

I don't know how many people have heard it. I thouwght it would already be on the list. Listen to it. It is the best song ever. I do not know how many guys like them, but I'm a guy and they are myfavorite band.

51 Lost In Love

This song was made for Alexa, how can U not like it? You're unbelieveble.

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52 Run Wild

I love this song and big time rush and logan henderson so much! If I hear song in my laptop... I'm instanly felt a wild!

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53 Na, Na, Na

Could listen to this song whole day. Carlos did a great job writing it.

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54 Yeah! - Usher
55 Intermission
56 Untouchable

How can U not like this song?!? Is just AMAZYNG. It talks about the love between the band even of they broke up and Heffron Drive is all we have. Is untouchable and I don't say it as a rusher, I say it as a person who likes to listen good music.

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57 The Mom Song

This song can be for your mother on Mother's Day

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58 Everyday Girl
59 Cruise Control V 1 Comment
60 First Time
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