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41 Crazy for U Crazy for U

I'm crazy for this song and crazy for big time rush especially KENDALL. I want to meet you guys.

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42 Beautifull Christmas Beautifull Christmas

Great song not just for Christmas but anytime of the year

43 Featuring You
44 Movin' Up to Bel-Air

This is the craziest and funniest song I've ever heard from btr. Hope they record more crazy songs

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45 Song for You Song for You

I love this song so much I listen to it all the time. It gets me in a good mood

I really think this song should be higher up. It's a really cool song - BTRluver

The song feat. Karmin is the most attractive because it has rap and that makes it even better and what I love about the 3rd album is that it ts wrriten all by the guys and is just so dancy and funny

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46 All I Want for Christmas All I Want for Christmas
47 She Drives

The guys just sing this song for fun. The music is very cheerful too. I hope btr will release more amazing songs like this

48 Young Love

This has to be there best song by a mile even if it is a cover of jedward it still has to be there best song and they sound the best singing this song

Such a great song and cover of JEDWARD I love there music but this is there best song and isn't cheesy its like a classic

I don't know how many people have heard it. I thouwght it would already be on the list. Listen to it. It is the best song ever. I do not know how many guys like them, but I'm a guy and they are myfavorite band.

49 Lost In Love Lost In Love

This song was made for Alexa, how can U not like it? You're unbelieveble.

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50 Run Wild Run Wild

I love this song and big time rush and logan henderson so much! If I hear song in my laptop... I'm instanly felt a wild!

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51 Na, Na, Na Na, Na, Na

Could listen to this song whole day. Carlos did a great job writing it.

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52 Intermission
53 Untouchable Untouchable

How can U not like this song?!? Is just AMAZYNG. It talks about the love between the band even of they broke up and Heffron Drive is all we have. Is untouchable and I don't say it as a rusher, I say it as a person who likes to listen good music.

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54 The Mom Song

This song can be for your mother on Mother's Day

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55 Everyday Girl
56 Cruise Control V 1 Comment
57 First Time
58 Anything
59 I Won't Give Up
60 Don't Stop
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