Best BIGBANG Members

Who is the best member of the Korean boy band BIGBANG?

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1 G-dragon

He's a great leader who supports his group members and tries to follow his heart even though he's having trouble. He also has awesome fashion sense.

My hero and my favourite person in oral test yay

He does have a unique kind of charisma!

All I can say is.. Gdragon is the best all of them 😙

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2 T.O.P

He is handsome, unique, best-rapper-ever, cool, sexy, funny, cute in one body. He is the one, perfect! Sincerely, vip

Can't believe he is third? To me T.O. P is #1! Best idol in all of Korea!

Love his sexy deep voice and he is just so handsome and such an amazing rapper.

I love all the members of bigbang, I'm a VIP, but when Top gets on stage, I can not scream for him. I really love everything about him as he moves as he "dances" as he sings is really charismatic and above all sexy

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3 Taeyang

He's a dance machine in Big Bang. His voice is so lovely too!

I think he is the only one in bigbang that don't have serious scandal...

I love taeyang because her voice is so lovely

Always sexy

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4 Seungri

Firstly, he is so so cute! He has a nice soothing voice and is adorable. He is active and filled with enthusiasm! I love him!

Seungri is very hardworking and talented in many areas. Beside that he's the most open person amongst BigBang. He's the best.

He has amazing and unique voise and very interesting and cool personality that will just make you love him and he is smart and hard worker

Seungri is so cute and handsome! He has an amazing soft and smooth voice, is really funny, and never fails to crack me up, and adds the spirit and energy to Bigbang! His hyungs love him, and so do his fans :)
Seungri is really well-rounded and can sing, dance (he got in Bigbang mostly for his dancing), choreograph, produce (he produced and wrote both of his albums), and was even called a musical genius by GD. In his second album, he composed and produced all his songs in 2/3 weeks (albeit without much sleep :/ he works hard). Seungri usually choreographs song for Bigbang, and was leader of a dance team in Gwangju at 13/14 years old, and his dancing is really sharp and precise, and in my opinion is even better than Taeyang's dancing, which is more flashy.
Seungri learns languages easily to connect with fans (Japanese, Chinese and "Seunglish") and has a business like mind and social connections to get more opportunities for Bigbang. Seungri is in charge of MC and had his ...more

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5 Daesung

Daesung best vocals in the group

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