Best BIGBANG Members

Who is the best member of the Korean boy band BIGBANG?

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1 G-dragon

My hero and my favourite person in oral test yay

He does have a unique kind of charisma!

He doesn't have the best vocals of the group, but his personality and stage presents is so amazing that he doesn't even need them. Also, I love his fashion choices! :D

G to the D

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2 Taeyang

He's a dance machine in Big Bang. His voice is so lovely too!

I think he is the only one in bigbang that don't have serious scandal...

I love taeyang because her voice is so lovely

Always sexy

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3 T.O.P

He is handsome, unique, best-rapper-ever, cool, sexy, funny, cute in one body. He is the one, perfect! Sincerely, vip

Can't believe he is third? To me T.O. P is #1! Best idol in all of Korea!

He is the best boy in Korea

I love all the members of bigbang, I'm a VIP, but when Top gets on stage, I can not scream for him. I really love everything about him as he moves as he "dances" as he sings is really charismatic and above all sexy

4 Seungri

Firstly, he is so so cute! He has a nice soothing voice and is adorable. He is active and filled with enthusiasm! I love him!

Seungri is very hardworking and talented in many areas. Beside that he's the most open person amongst BigBang. He's the best.

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5 Daesung

Daesung best vocals in the group

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