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1 Haru Haru

Amazing voices. The melody is the catchiest and will stay in your mind for a long time. It's so nostalgic and the story behind it is so tragic. Despite no knowing what they're saying, you can surmise thru the MV and the tone projected. It's the best hit they're ever made.

This song makes me cry... Every damn time. But I just love it so much! And then how G-Dragon says, "You're my HURT, say goodbye" instead of "Heart"...

The melody is very great and it make to feel more sense together with it's tones.

It relaxes my neurons :D

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2 Fantastic Baby

This addict me more than drugs

It's too amazing! I'm addicted to this song

I really love taeyang, even though he didn't sang much in here, his voice really stand out. And oh! TOP did do a great job especially on the boom shakalaka part!

Can never get bored of this

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3 Let's Not Fall In Love

I love this song and I think a lot of people can relate to this and also GD's stare is just oh I don't have a word to describe it

This song is perfection. Been wanting to hear TOP sing for so long, and my wish was finally granted!

This is just... wonderful

It's my all time favourite KPoP song for forever, Even the song name,LET'S NOT FALL IN LOVE...AND the song lines are actually meaningful an d really deep...

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4 Fxxk It

One of the greatest songs I've ever heard

I listened it with headphones on, and I experienced HEAVEN for 4 minutes! - TheGoldenRifle

Love the reff SO MUCH..!

so good.

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5 Bad Boy

I think this should be number 1 cause it has the best melody and it gets me every time. It's espescially perfect when you want to think about things that complicate your life and how to fix them concerning heartbreak. I absolutely LOVE THIS SONG go big bang! This song is also perfect for people who want to have their time alone

The melody is so so good. I like it the best.

It makes me wanna groove!

It's the best song of big bang...

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6 Lies

This song propelled them to fame. How can a song like Fantastic Baby be number 2?

This song make bigbang famous now

I just like everything in this song

This song is a big hit

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7 Bang Bang Bang

Bang Bang Bang. By far the best KPOP song in 2015.

My favorite song from their new album

I cannot forgot how Bigbang get nominated at 6 awards and won 3 of them on MAMA 2015. This song is the most popular song on MADE SERIES. This song is the best!

I think the whole MADE album, fantastic baby, and haru haru deserve to be here the most. this is only for the group songs, not solo.

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8 Sober

Sober is such a catchy song that is perfect for the summer

This song inspire me and make me happy.

It has a catchy tune and is very, very upbeat, but it has really good lyrics too that a lot of people can relate to, the exact type of song I love to listen to.

Always cheers me up when I listen to it!

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9 Blue

Every pitch of them just perfect! Even daesung that bad in slow music.. And the lyrics captivated! Cool..

This song is really sad and sweet I love bigbang and I become a VIP listening to this song I never tire of listening is by far my favorite song

"This song made me become a VIP. No matter how many times I listen to it, I just can't get bored of it. And I love it even more when GD said that the lyrics reflected his emotions at that time".

Such an amazing song - YOUnique253

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10 Last Farewell

This and Fantastic Baby make you want to get up and move.

This song is quite lovely. Even the MV is stunning.
I loved how they said "BigBang is back" in the begining of the song.

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11 Loser

A song which highlights the mishaps and bitter blows each and every member of BigBang has to go through in order to maintain their fame in the music industry.

It has a hidden story of all the hardships each member went through.

One of greatest song from bigbang

Best bigband song especially gdragon rap so deep

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12 Monster

There should be more songs like monster. I think, next to Fantastic Baby this is their best song so far.

I love this song very much... I hope to see them singing it, in person...

Its one of my favorite song 'baby I'm not a monster' just can't even explain my love for this song

Great piano melody at the beginning.

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13 If You

If You is a very unique composition coming from Big Bang, its one of its kind. While listening I found myself sad, sometimes empty. Could keep on listening all through out the day but will still feel different every time.

TOP's deep voice is very nice and it was great to hear him sing. He has an amazing voice

This song is very soothing and you can feel everyone's emotions when yo listen to this song

The koreaboo MV and their song, brings tears to my eyes, EVERY TIME.

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14 Tonight

Thank you team Bing bang

From jang

Best song by BigBang

One of their best songs!

Hella good

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15 Crooked

This song is so good...every time I hear it I always jump and dance around...FOREVER A VIP

This song is great!

Its simply the best

love IT!

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16 Let Me Hear Your Voice

"One of my favorite Big Bang songs and it is my favorite Japanese song although it is not so popular. I love GD's rap lyrics; so simple and touching".

Please vote it! This song is too underrated but this song is so good!

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17 Bae Bae

Comparing their voices and music from Lies to Bae Bae, you can feel their emotions (& experiences) coming through in Bae Bae, can sense their maturity in the song, a different sense of want, and their voices in all the 5 of them. It's a short song, but so sweet.

The best song I've heard all 2015

I'm not sure why but this song gets stuck in my head all day. I love the whole thing and can't help but sing along when I hear it.

Ahhh, I really like this song with slow melodis, ahh love you bigbang,

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18 Love Song

When I saw the cut of this song from the alive concert, I was like, I must listen to this song! TOP's voice completely captivated me, I love that the song started with his low voice!

Taeyang's part is perfect. The music is absolutely amazing. Listen to it once and then an instrumental. Blew my mind.

Just keeps building. Epic.

I love the difference between this song and the rest of BIGBANG's other songs...

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19 Love Dust

I love this song... ❤

First BigBang song I fell in love with, the reason I got into the group to be honest. The lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful but the song is also great fun to dance to. T.O.P's rap is flawless and so is Taeyang's singing *-*

20 Sunset Glow

THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER! It is the song that made me fall in love with Big Bang in 2008 and I love it so much, I listen to it every day still. It's happy, sad, angry, excited... There are so many emotions you can feel every time you listen. It might be older but it is an amazing song. Please listen and vote if you haven't heard it

I downloaded this song just right now and I was surprised it was the song that I had been singing for days. Especially that part 'ah ah ah'. I heard it first in a video of BTS and I started liking it ever since. Now I know this song that made me crazy was entitled Sunset Glow.

This is the best song ever made in my opinion. I have listened to it every day since I first heard it about four years ago 8D

It's amazing!

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