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21 Somebody to Love

This song is so so so good!

I really love the beginning "Somebody to love... Can you hear me? ". GD's voice is very cool

22 Tell Me Goodbye

Amazing tune... By far the best Japanese bb song.. At least in my opinion

Another meaningful and sweet song by BigBang! Especially the bridge!

Love this song, both the song and meaning is very beautiful.

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23 Lollipop

It was honestly the first song that got me INTO KPOP. Plus, I sang it for years even if I wasn't into kpop as much the following years. So, of course, it has sentimental value to me. It seems like it would fit in our time now, anyways. The beat is quite catchy.


24 Cafe

Daesung got me in this song! And this is my fxckin' jam!

25 Last Dance

The best of Big Bang's ballads in my humble opinion

Seriously 26 this is the very best song of big bang such perfect vocals can't get tired of it nomatter how many times I listen to it

26 Beautiful Hangover

Great message, stay away from drugs... Use girlfriend to beloved

27 Good Boy

They're like a twin

The bromance of gd and taeyang...

28 La La La

I love it! Movin movin lalala...

29 Wonderful
30 Still Alive

I love this song!

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31 Zutter
32 We Belong Together

With Park Boom of 2ne1! Your gonna love it!

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33 Hands Up
34 Feeling
35 Ringa Linga

Just Listen To Electro Melody. I'm Sure You Will Fall In Love With This Song. And Just Look At Taeyang Man. He Was Total A Hottie There. Amazing Song. !

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36 Eyes Nose Lips - Taeyang

One of the greatest hits in'll love it!

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37 G. Dragon & Taeyang - Stay With Me

Sweet enough!

38 What is Right?

Only song I like sung by big bang...

Remaining the past of me,
But all bigbang song,
I love it

39 Ego

A song that is equally as amazing in both versions (Japanaese and Korean)

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40 GD Who You

Gd that's me who you not me


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