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41 Crayon

G-Dragon is the final name. Gosh dude he is the most amazing person still present in earth. His craziness has doubled in this song besides he was looking cute as well as super funky in some of the shots. love You GD!

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42 My Heaven V 2 Comments
43 I Need a Girl

You've got to listen the dance version if you crave for the best part in this song..TaeYang's intro in the dance version is awesome!

44 Top of the World

I wanna dance every time I hear this song. It makes me smile and lifts my mood as if by magic. Thank you Big Bang for touching my heart!

Not very well known, but a great song.

45 Number 1

The cover in English is so great! If you like BigBang you have to hear Number 1! :D

46 Ain't No Fun V 1 Comment
47 Wedding Dress - Taeyang

Made me fall in love with the song

I'm insane with this song.. When I'm downloaded it I'm hear it 33times!

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48 We Like 2 Party

This song make me happy! Make me wanna dance! We Like 2 Party!

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49 Wings V 1 Comment
50 She Can't Get Enough V 1 Comment
51 Bringing You Love
52 Last Goodbye
53 Stay
54 Oh My Baby V 1 Comment
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