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1 Billy Talent Billy Talent
2 Billy Talent II Billy Talent II

Dead Silence is only #1 because it's new and fresh. If you really compare all their albums, II comes out on top, in my opinion at least. Dead Silence is great too, of course, but Billy Talent II is, and probably will always be their best work. It's a modern classic and will be remembered forever.

Their best songs are in this album, common! :

Red Flag
Devil in a midnight mass
Fallen leaves

The others album are very good too, but this one is THE best

3 Dead Silence Dead Silence

Viking death march was an amazing song surprise surprise reminds me of their older stuff... This album is a mix of their older stuff - thierryrs

This album is billy talent giving their all - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

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4 Billy Talent III Billy Talent III

I seriously don't get why this album is rated so low
Is it owed to the gloomy atmosphere?

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5 666 666
6 Watoosh!
7 Afraid of Heights Afraid of Heights

New album has quite a bit of bangers, but still not as good as the first two releases of Billy Talent - Rush2112Subdivisions

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Top Remixes

1. Dead Silence
2. Billy Talent
3. Billy Talent II
1. Dead Silence
2. Billy Talent II
3. Billy Talent
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