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21 Surprise Surprise Surprise Surprise

Such a GREAT mix of the guitars and the drums!
Far, one of the bests! Thumb it up!
Such GREAT lyrics also! Come on!

Best song of them! It should be in the top 10! Come on guys

Easily the best song off of dead silence, and in my opinion, also their best song

My god! This song should be in the top 3

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22 The Navy Song The Navy Song

In my opinion, this song showcases some of Ben's best vocal work out of any other Billy Talent song. With a catchy riff and an intense and emotional feel, it should certainly be at least on the top 10

How is this not in the top ten? One of the best songs I've ever heard! VOTE!

Great song along with the rest of the songs on this album can't believe the only ones up there are red flag and fallen leaves, they are good but so is this one

Honestly their best song, should be top 5 for sure. One of my favorite songs still today.

23 Kingdom of Zod

Amazing song that really showcases their growth as a band, combining almost all of what makes them great in one single song!

Rob who? Definitely makes me think they wrote this song about the mayor of Toronto, the city the guys of but come from! Such a great powerful song about fake people!

My personal favourite, should be way more up, like 10 or something! A very good song and they were simply amazing when they performed it at Rock am Ring 2016!

Godlike song showing again politic goes down

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24 The Ex The Ex

Just voting for this because it is WAY too low. Amazing song at this is the true Billy Talent.

This is the first Billy Talent song that has ever caught my attention. I can't believe that it's not one of the top ten.V. V

I'm not a big fan of Billy talent, but this song is awesome. Nice guitar intro and meaningful lyrics.

A classic hit. Pure emotion and perfect Billy Talent song.

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25 Crooked Minds Crooked Minds

Best song off Dead Silence by far in my opinion, really strong riff and a lot of effort has been put into making this song, for me it easily cracks the top 10, if not, top 5

26 Runnin' Across the Tracks Runnin' Across the Tracks

Best song off their new album - thierryrs

Personally my favorite track

27 Don't Count On the Wicked Don't Count On the Wicked

How am I the first to add this song? Best song on Dead Silence and my favourite of all Billy Talent.

Truly, an overlooked gem of Dead Silence. Definitely deserves more recognition. - DaRealXgen

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28 Cure for the Enemy Cure for the Enemy

Great! My uncle died a few days ago because of cancer and this song helps me out of the bad situation we have at home! Thank you Billy Talent!

This is one of their top 5 songs in my opinion. It conveys an important message and offers a very original and highly emotional music.

Been a fan for over 10 years, loved many songs but this is a new peak!

Most underrated but song to date

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29 Pocketful of Dreams Pocketful of Dreams

Love it! Awesome lyrics. Beside Fallen Leaves it's my favorite Billy Talent song. The voice of Ben is absoluetly great!

30 Dead Silence Dead Silence

Fantastic song! Should be number 1!

31 Perfect World Perfect World

Perfect world should definitely top ten! Fast paced and the riffs are absolutely amazing, and add to that the crazy drums, it should be ranked up top ten.

32 Voices of Violence Voices of Violence

This song is so powerful and just kicks your ass. Very fun guitar riff to play as well.

33 Standing In the Rain Standing In the Rain

This song is absolutely amazing! The lyrics really paint the life of a lot of peoples suffering, it should totally be in the top ten.

Good melody and awesome lyrics

34 Cut the Curtains Cut the Curtains

Why this is so low on the list?
Such a powerful song, I really like it, and listen to it when I feel drepessed.
Even when I don't think it deserves 1 or top 5 I really think this awesome song should be higer in this list, at least top 10

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35 Burn the Evidence Burn the Evidence

One of billy talents best need to be in top 5

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36 Love Was Still Around Love Was Still Around

This song is my current favorite. Great melody.

37 Definition of Destiny Definition of Destiny
38 Tears Into Wine Tears Into Wine

Tears into wine deserves to be in the top ten, its one of their best songs.

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39 Lonely Road to Absolution Lonely Road to Absolution
40 Living In the Shadows Living In the Shadows

The quite "raw" sound of their first album is still what defines this band for me. This song is an outstanding example.

This song has been my favourite since I discovered them in 2002 and got their demo CD at a concert!

Probably the best but song. Major nostalgia too.

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