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Vote and describe in your way your favourite songs of Birdy.

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1 Skinny Love

I love this song I almost always listen to this song every day and I also like Skinny love and I can't believe that Skinny love is the third best song in Australia and People help the people is in the top twenty and I love love love love love this song its awesome I think birdy is the second best singer on my list she's perfect

This is is my first song I've ever heard of Birdys and it will always be my favorite

I lovee this song its amazing every time I here it after it I'm speachless

2 People Help the People

Nice song! My favourite

I Love this Song

Amazing song. I love it

3 Shelter
4 1901

Better than Skinny Love...

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5 Wings

Brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it...

Love evrything.. love the lyric, love every scene of the MV.. her voice in this song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it

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6 The A Team
7 Without a Word
8 Not About Angels

If this track doesn't work out and becomes your favourite...I don't know what else will! Super!

This song is beautiful. Definitely deserves to get the top spot.

9 Strange Birds

Remind me of my grandpa

10 Young Blood

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11 The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
12 No Angel
13 Shine
14 Standing In the Way of the Light
15 All About You
16 White Winter Hymnal
17 I'll Never Forget You
18 Just a Game

Really awesome song from the Hunger Games! Birdy's voice is just so mesmerizing. Definitely worth the listen!

19 Home
20 Light Me Up
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