Best Birthday Dates Possible

The Top Ten Best Birthday Dates Possible

1 December 6th

That's my birth date!

It's my Birth day

Dude, it is St Nicholas Day, also known as SANTA CLAUS! -

The day before my birthday

2 April 25th

Who knew my birthday would be so high on the list. AWESOME! - westofohio

Its Anzac day idiots it's a bad day. - coolguy101

My birthday! - SweetPenny

Let's see. Famous April 25 Birthdays:
1.Al Pacino
2.Ella Fitzgerald
3.Björn Ulvaeus [ABBA]
4.Stu Cook [CCR]
5.Tim Duncan - westofohio

3 February 29th

Then, let's say, a twelve year old would be three.

The 29th occurs after every 4 years

That is first on the worst birthdays list. confused

4 April 6th

THis was also the day Barney started to air. - Curtis_Huber

I was born 10 days after. Is that close enough? - FennikenFan9

A great person was born this day

My mom's birthday

5 April 20th

If your birthday is this day, then you have to share the birthday with the German mass murderer of WWII.

But that's Hitler's Birthday!

Me, Hitler, was born on this earth

Smoke weed everyday!

6 December 9th

My son Aryan born day

People born on this day:
Judi Dench
Donny Osmond
John Malkovich
Kirk Douglas

7 October 31st

My wife was born on October 31st , she was born dead then when brought back to life she had red eyes .

My dads birthday - DrayTopTens

2 days after mine!

My phopo birthday is on 30 oct 1 day beefoure

8 March 24th

Is it not to be said that it's fire

9 May 4th

I love Star Wars.

Star Wars

That’s mine

It’s mine

10 July 15th

Who put this Here and Why?

It is my BirthDay - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

I'm posting this comment on July 15th. This is a useless post I made...sorry. - Mariomaster63

I love it because I was born then

My birthday. - Skitt

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? November 11th

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11 February 19th

This is my birthday and since my city does a week long break usually I get it off almost every year. It's also National Mint Chocolate Day. - PianoQueen

Same thing with me

12 May 28th

My stepmothers birthday is on this day and I don't really like her - Ihateschool

My birthday is literally 2 days earlier.

It's my birthday on May 28th.

13 October 8th

That's my birthday >:D

14 March 5th

Best birthday ever

March 4 is mine and March and March 3rd is special to

15 August 25th

My younger brothers birthday is August 25th. He likes it. - BlackMetalDagger666

Ayyy happy to see my absolute fave persons birthday up here. Emily Warren ❤️

16 November 1st

You get so much free candy

My brother's birthday

Lllooove u guys my birthday

My birthday!

17 December 25th

this isn't actuly a good date mbecause you would have to wait REALLY REALLY long for your prewsents every year WHICH IS REALLY REALLY BAD

This is the best day ever - Moyachhka

If you aren't a Christian this isn't bad if you are it must be terrible - Ihateschool

18 March 3rd

My birthday is on this day and I have a budget of 1000$

19 July 5th

Is the best day to born.

my birthday.Christmas in july

20 December 24th

Cause I feel my self too lucky 🤭🤭

21 June 25th

You get to wait exactly 6 months to get Christmas presents and 6 more for your birthday. I think that's pretty sweet.

That's my birthday

My is the 24th

22 January 4th

That's my friend's birthday!

My bday

23 December 31st

Its awesome to have your birthday on the 31st, your up for your entire birthday, you get fireworks on your birthday, and in a way, everyone around the world celebrates your birthday

I was born I that date un 1999 what can I say other than it's the last day of the year if not the century if not the whole millennium

I was also born on this date. It definitely has big perks. Get lit on New Year’s Eve.

24 January 28th

That's my B-Day

25 September 1st

Every time this birth date is the best because it is my birthday


26 January 14th

My birthday! That's the day I was born in. And I live in Australia and it's summer in January. I ❤ Summer!

27 October 30th
28 March 9th
29 August 29th

That is my Birthday

Yay! This is my birthday! - SmashBall

30 September 11th

Heard I was supposed to be born on this day... but got born 5 days later

My neighbor who will be turning ten on this day has a birthday that day - Ihateschool

That's my birthday!

WHO PUT THIS ON THE LIST!?!?!?! WHO!?!?!?! JUST WHO!?!?!? - Mariomaster63

31 November 23rd

My birthday, it’s just the best because it’s TikTok famous’ Avani’s, Alan & Alex Stokes, Miley Cyrus & more

My bday

32 November 14th

There's no November 4th great ;-; just have to stick with this for now...

33 April 1st

It May be fun to others and to others it can be annoying

Should be higher

People born on this day are supposed to be the luckiest

Best surprises to anticipate

34 April 27th

fun right.

35 September 29th

I can't believe my birthday is in to tens

This is Halsey’s birthday, therefore it is the best.

36 December 23rd
37 July 4th

My friend with downs syndromes birthday is on this day and it isn't bad to have a birthday on this day if you aren't American - Ihateschool

Actually this would be the best b day possible, it's at the begging of the summer

Worst day to born.

38 May 10th

Dang, I can't believe my birthday is here!
Also, John Wilkes Booth's birthday, people!
If he didn't exist, the USA's history would have been significantly different

Yep right this month is good May 10 even though May is the best month to be born compared to June this is Bono's birthday from the band U2

It’s my birthday!.

39 January 11th

This is my birthday! - railfan99

Three ones in a date...

Yayayayaya it's my birthday date

40 June 17th

My birthday - Popsicles

41 March 20th

It's the birthday of Linkin Park's singer, Chester Bennington!

That's my Birthday!

Fernando Torres was born
On this day

42 January 27th

5 days before February because 7 minus 2 is 5. And it's also my birthday.


43 December 17th

Having birthday on this date is also Pope Francis’s birthday and the date of the first flight WHAT AN HONOR

my bday

44 June 21st

First day of summer sometimes on Father's Day and is the release date of Toy Story 4 oh and also selfie day

Longest day!

Chris Pratt’s Birthday And Prince Williams Birthday.

45 January 1st

Always gets a worldwide countdown for your birthday. Cool.

Easy to remember how old you are

46 January 21st
47 May 16th

Please put it in the first place or else I will kill my self

Even though it's not my birthday is the best birthday date.

Best wishes to all of them who are all born on may16 by Moria

People who are born on this day should be Lucky

48 July 17th

My brother birthday

49 August 13th


50 January 19th
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