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1 December 6th

Dude, it is St Nicholas Day, also known as SANTA CLAUS! -

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2 April 25th

Who knew my birthday would be so high on the list. AWESOME! - westofohio

Its Anzac day idiots it's a bad day. - coolguy101

3 April 20th

If your birthday is this day, then you have to share the birthday with the German mass murderer of WWII.

But that's Hitler's Birthday!

Smoke weed everyday!


4 April 6th

THis was also the day Barney started to air. - Curtis_Huber

I was born 10 days after. Is that close enough? - FennikenFan9

A great person was born this day

My birthday was Apr 6 2001 and Jesus's might have been April 6, 01

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5 February 29th

Then, let's say, a twelve year old would be three.

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7 October 31st
8 March 24th
9 July 15th

Who put this Here and Why?

It is my BirthDay - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

I'm posting this comment on July 15th. This is a useless post I made...sorry. - Mariomaster63

My birthday. - Skitt

Born happy.

10 May 4th

Star Wars

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? February 23rd

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11 December 25th

this isn't actuly a good date mbecause you would have to wait REALLY REALLY long for your prewsents every year WHICH IS REALLY REALLY BAD

If you aren't a Christian this isn't bad if you are it must be terrible - Ihateschool

12 February 19th

This is my birthday and since my city does a week long break usually I get it off almost every year. It's also National Mint Chocolate Day. - PianoQueen

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14 June 25th

You get to wait exactly 6 months to get Christmas presents and 6 more for your birthday. I think that's pretty sweet.

That's my birthday

My is the 24th

15 May 28th

My stepmothers birthday is on this day and I don't really like her - Ihateschool

16 March 5th

Best birthday ever

17 October 8th
18 December 24th
19 August 25th

My younger brothers birthday is August 25th. He likes it. - BlackMetalDagger666

20 March 3rd

My birthday is on this day and I have a budget of 1000$

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