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21 December 31st
22 October 30th
23 January 4th
24 January 28th
25 March 20th

It's the birthday of Linkin Park's singer, Chester Bennington!

That's my Birthday! - RogerWatersfan1999

26 January 19th
27 March 9th
28 December 23rd
29 July 4th

My friend with downs syndromes birthday is on this day and it isn't bad to have a birthday on this day if you aren't American - Ihateschool

Actually this would be the best b day possible, it's at the begging of the summer

Worst day to born.

30 May 10th

Dang, I can't believe my birthday is here!
Also, John Wilkes Booth's birthday, people!
If he didn't exist, the USA's history would have been significantly different

31 August 29th V 1 Comment
32 March 21st

THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY! - venomouskillingmachine

33 September 29th

I can't believe my birthday is in to tens

34 January 11th

This is my birthday! - railfan99

Three ones in a date...

35 June 17th

My birthday - Popsicles

36 January 14th
37 September 11th

My neighbor who will be turning ten on this day has a birthday that day - Ihateschool

It's my friend's birthday yaa

WHO PUT THIS ON THE LIST!?!?!?! WHO!?!?!?! JUST WHO!?!?!? - Mariomaster63

Dude September 11th is a worst birthday! Reasons why if you live in new york city then if you're born during attacks!
So who did that put on the list!?! - SpencerJC

I had a friend in elementary school who had her 2nd birthday on 9/11, and to make things even worse, her dad died that day. - railfan99

38 September 1st
39 November 1st V 1 Comment
40 June 21st

Longest day!

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