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41 February 28th
42 July 6th
43 July 3rd
44 October 9th
45 May 16th

Please put it in the first place or else I will kill my self

Even though it's not my birthday is the best birthday date.

Best wishes to all of them who are all born on may16 by Moria

It's my birthday V.Kapil

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46 January 14th
47 December 16th
48 March 2nd

My birthday! - CommanderLudwig

49 September 8th


50 November 26th

By now, if your birthday is on the list 73rd or up, you are the lucky 1/5 of the people that have birthdays that high.

51 November 14th

November 14th was my birthday, and the reason why I'm happy with it is because its only a month away from Christmas, while not being too close to it. Nothing special for anyone else on the day, and no holidays meaning it's a fun day to go out, and even better, it's during Football season, so on Saturdays, I can watch football. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

52 April 1st
53 August 13th


54 January 27th


55 December 17th
56 September 18

My birthday. It is also the day Jimi Hendrix died and Dee Dee Ramone was born, if you classic rock. Plus it all adds up to 9. - MetalObsessed

57 November 12th
58 January 5th
59 March 25th
60 January 1st
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