Top Ten Best Biscuits

Please try these biscuits, they're in the top ten for a reason, eat them!

The Top Ten

1 Oreos

Oreos are good! - Userguy44

They are just amazing, when they are onto your mouth m!

Guys.. Seriously.. Oreo is the best ever.. The most sold biscuit in history!

Lick them, dink them, eat them. - thelolster

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2 Custard Creams

Could eat a whole packet of these and still want more, one, two or three is never enough. Delicious!

Should be on top of the list

Cannot live without them

This is the best biscuit ever. If you have not tried them you have not lived! - thelolster

3 Chocolate Digestives

This is very good tasty product

Mm no more to say

For me 1st. Please vote now

Comment they are fantastic

4 Jammie Dodgers

What about Jammie Dodgers Minis! Delicious minis! - Carly19781

How can you not like Jammy dodgers! - thelolster


5 Party Rings

Have a party and takeparty rings, you'll be very popular! - thelolster

6 Hobnobs

Nobbly, uneven biscuits but tasty! - thelolster

7 Shortbreads

Home made ones are the best so get cooking! - thelolster

8 Rich Tea

Best biscuits made- Dominic machado

It goes nice with tea, trust me, the name says it all. - thelolster

9 Nice Biscuits

Very very nice bicuits so try nice biscuits. - thelolster

10 Bourbon

I am eating bourbons now! And if you don’t like bourbons your probably not British. - Carly19781

Creme de la chocolate creme

The Contenders

11 Chocolate Fingers

The double choc ones are the best, they're so chocalatey! - thelolster

12 Tim Tam
13 Chips Ahoy!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in the world!

I love this biscuit vote it

14 Popeye's Biscuits


15 Jaffa Cakes

There are the best

16 Ringo
17 Parle

I think it is sort of nice but definitely no oreos

Great baked, yummy and unique.

18 Pavesini
19 Pan di Stelle
20 Chips Ahoy Rainbow
21 Café Noir
22 Raisin
23 Malted Milk
24 Monte Carlo

These biscuits are that good, anyone who hasn't tried them has to try it. - BranDoss

25 Guanchitos

The best ring biscuits TIRMA S/A that I have ever tasted.

26 Choco Galletas

The best selling product in the Maldives (Choco Galletas)

27 Britannia

Taste of the world. Try it and then judge.

Lots of varieties and the best

28 Sunfeast

Richer and creamier biscuit in the world.

29 Fox's Melts


30 Speculaas
31 Pure Bliss Wafers

Milky and creamy, with a hint of coffee taste

32 Maryland Cookies
33 Caramel Slice
34 Jammie Dodgers Minis
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