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1 Joga

This is a very meaningful song and the melody is very touching.

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2 Bachelorette

This is a song that be so good is the best song from her

I love how cinematic this song sounds

3 Hyperballad

How is this not even in the top ten?! The way it develops throughout the song and the deep lyrics are just beautiful, by far my favourite Bjork song!

One of the finest pieces of music ever recorded! Should stand at #1

Should stand at #1!

Her best song ever, besides Jóga and Pagan Poetry.

4 Army of Me

Where is the listen to the sample? If people heard this song they will hear how this is her heaviest song. Somewhat like "Zombie" is to the Cranberries.

Great song, this sounds like a great song for an action movie. It sounds weird at first but then it gets stuck in your head, it grew on me. What I love about Bjork's music is that it is weird but catchy and memorable. Plus, I like how she says "Army Of Me" very unique voice. Graet artist. - AnimeDrawer

One of my favourite songs of all time. Love it, its place as number 1 is well deserved.

It's definitely an acquired taste but it's definitely a heavy but great song.

5 All is Full of Love

I version prefer this so much 'Howie's version', which is on the album.

6 Pagan Poetry

I love the strings in this!

So amazing!

7 Human Behaviour

Bjork has amazing vocals in this song and hits high notes. I tried singing this and it was really hard for me to sing this, those high notes though. Plus the beat is weird and simple, but so catchy and awesome, and the lyrics are amazing. - AnimeDrawer

Bjork bares her singing abilities in this song

Great song - tututu2266

I love this... The message, the videoclip, the melody, the percussion, evrytin

8 Earth Intruders

Why this song is not in the top ten? :-(

9 Lionsong

I love this song.

10 Unravel

Thom yorke's favourite song. Case dismissed

This is so goodd - tututu2266

This is the most hauntingly beautiful song she's ever written. Absolutely breath taking and emotionally tense. Personally, I'd say:

01. Unravel
02. Pagan Poetry
03. Joga
04. Hyperballad
05. Bachelorette

For my top 5. "Army of Me" gets an honorable mention.

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? Arisen My Senses

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11 Hidden Place

This song is sexy


12 Stonemilker

Beautiful song

This is so emotional it should be on top 10.

13 Virus

It's just masterpiece. Bjork+gameleste=heaven

One of my favorite songs ever c:

14 It's Oh So Quiet

I like this song, it reminds me of old folk music, very unique song. It is a very fun song too. It is a very quiet song, but then it gets louder and more upbeat, then it get silent again. Amazing song, what an awesome artist. - AnimeDrawer

Simply the number one. Crazy, unique and funny.

It's such a jazzy fun song!

15 Isobel

I feel like this song is one of the greatest mellow songs she has ever written. There is just a lot of emotion in it and the music video is pretty sweet as well.

Absolutely one of her best songs!

This song is super sexy. Has a very slow vibe but brings out everything a bjork fan would love!

Definitely deserves a top spot! Such a lovely song

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16 It's Not Up To You
17 Big Time Sensuality

Great dance ever recordes in history

18 Hunter

This is by far the best thing I have ever heard, from Björk, or otherwise. - Mike7215

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19 5 Years
20 Crystalline
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1. Earth Intruders
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3. Bachelorette

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