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21 Sieglinde Sullivan

Sieglinde is so cute! I just love her!

I feel bad for her ya know? every one betrayed her and used her, that's sad. but its great how wolfram treats her they're so sweet!

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22 Elizabeth Midford Elizabeth Midford

Once you look past her slightly dramatic reactions and sometimes childish behaviour, Lady Elizabeth Midford is actually quite an amazing character. She is strong-willed and isn't afraid to speak her mind, but when she does upset someone, she instantly acknowledges her mistake and tries to make them feel better. She dearly loves her fiancé Ciel Phantomhive, and has made her duty to make him smile again, like she remembers him when they were childern. Sure, in some instances she can be quite demanding, but in almost all of those cases, she was thinking about Ciel and her demands were for things that she thought were going to make him happy again. I can't really say anything else about her, because of minor spoilers, but I can say that I feel that she is an astoundingly sweet individual with her heart in the right place when she makes decisions and always tries to make the people around her (and especially the people she loves) feel happy and cheerful. She is the perfect partner for ...more

No, no, no no no. Elizabeth is a horrible character. She's too childish, too over the top and she's very vain. She's always fussing about how she looks and dictating how everyone around her should look. Like, when she broke Ciel's ring just because she didn't like it. She's a major B-l-T-C-H. And then she starts crying just so nobody gets angry at her... like it's pathetic. She's such a brat. Sure, she might have gotten along with Ciel when they were little but they're not little any more, and they don't relate with each other anymore. They're a bad match, a bad pair and I don't ship them. She goes off in a fit, gets herself in bad situations and puts the people around her in danger just because she can't be mature. She has the mindset of a 7-year-old and I'm honestly surprised that someone like her would be getting engaged already. I feel sorry for Ciel-kun, honestly.

No Lizzy is so annoying especially in episode three. Why is she running around and bothering girls about their dresses? And actually Ciel probably does care for her but he's not crazy about her. AND SHE LOOKS LIKE A TURD

She is annoying sometimes but one hell of a swordfighter!

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23 Ran-Mao

The kids at the play liked her dressed as seaweed

Hot Asian boob lady. enough said.

24 Edward Midford

It is absolutely hilarious how he is so protective of Lizzy... He is a great character who is sadly underrated :(

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25 Joker

He's awesome!

26 Angela Blanc

Angela is definitely evil, but she is hot and her voice is awesome and she is super fun and interesting to watch (and finnians crush on her is so cute! )

Hypocritical whore. She's the definition of "unclean"!

27 Dagger

Noo mah husbando! He NEEDS to be higher! He's so dramatic, adorable, funny and WAY to underrated! Show him some love!

Dagger should be in top ten he is kawaii and jumbo is not better. Aloud is not better either. His love for beast makes even more kawaii.


28 Wendy and Peter

I like two peter pans one is from Disney and one is from Once upon a time abc family when they were getting Henry back it took a long time

These two are so badass they need to be higher

What like peter pan?

29 Gregory Violet

Who is this

To his eccentric personalities and gothic vibe he's just great! Love him~

30 Agni

He should be with Soma!

31 Pluto

He was really enjoyable to watch, and I laughed so hard when Sebastian had to let him live with them at the manor. But I was so sad when the servants had to kill him.

I want Pluto as a pet, DAMN he's hot and adorable. I cried so hard when he died! Also, in the 'Making of black butler' he talks

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32 Jumbo
33 Eren's Mom

Yes, praise her



34 Hannah Anafeloz

Hannah was a she-demon who grew attached to Alois's younger brother, even after she swallowed his soul... I loved how she could have been a mom to both Luca and Alois/Jim

I dislike her she could have saved Alois so much heartache of going after Ciel if she just told him, she was the one who took his beloved brother's soul.

She didn't get my vote (finny did) but she's still a cool character.

She awesome and super kind

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35 Abberline

Abberline was a nice character, I would've liked to see more of him on-screen

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