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1 THE E.N.D.

This album contains all of their greatest songs like I Gotta Feeling, Boom Boom Pow, Meet Me Halfway, Rock That Body and Imma Be.

Boom, Boom POW, Rock that Body, Meet me halfway, Imma Bee, I Gotta Feeling & Alive. 6 Amazing Songs. - lizard302

My list:
The Best of The Black Eyed Peas
The End
Monkey Business
Bridging the Gap - lizard302

1) The e.n.d 2) Elephunk 3) the beginning 4) monkey business 5) behind the front
reasons why

I put the end as number one because it has 5 songs that are in my top 10 black eyed peas songs which are boom boom pow rock that body meet me halfway imma be I gotta feeling

I put Elephunk as number 2 because its quite an old school album, by the way it has 3 amazing songs, Lets Get it Started, Shut up and Where is the love?

I put the beginning as number 3 because it has my favourite black eyed peas song, Don't stop the party, but all the rest except for the time dirty bit are not in my top 10.

I put monkey business as number 4 because it only has 2 songs I REALLY like which are Pump it and Don't phunk with my heart

Finally, I put Behind the Front as number 5 because it has a few good songs (Falling up, clap your hands, joints and jame and movement) but the rest are... kind of rubbish.


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2 Monkey Buisness

1. Monkey Business 2. Elephunk 3. The E.N. D 4. The Beginning 5. The Rest
That's what the list should look like, this is the best album features most of their best songs like Don't Phunk With My Heart (their best song), Pump It, My Humps etc.

Pump it, Don't phunk with my heart, My style, don't lie, like that, dum diddly, feel it, gone going - lizard302

1. Elephunk 2. Monkey Business 3. Beginning 4. The End 5. Bridging the Gap 6. Behind the front - lizard302

1.Monkey Business
3.The End
4. The Begiinning - lizard302

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3 Elephunk

Hands up, It's a Holiday, Let's get it started, Hey Mama, Shut up, Smells like funk, The Apl Song, Anxiety and my favourite black eyed peas song Where is the love - lizard302

Shut up, Let's get is started and their ultimate song, Where is the Love?

Hands Up, It's a Holiday, Let's Get it Started, Hey Mama, Shut up (one of my favourites), Smells Like Funk, Girls, The Boogie that Be, The Apl Song, Anxiety and the ultimate song on of the best ever, WHERE IS THE LOVE?

Third Eye is perfect

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4 The Beginning

Don't Stop the Party and Can't get enough are almost the best songs by BEP. - Alpha101

Traci 1, 3, 4, 6, ad 11 are the best songs on here - lizard302

I love the song xoxoxo

5 Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap should at least be in the top 5. I mean last place? - lizard302

Bep Empire knocks my socks off. - lizard302

1. Monkey Business
2. Elephunk
3. The End
4. Bridging the gap - lizard302

6 Behind the Front

Uh come on people it isn't that new techno bull crap and has real old-school rap!

I like the ones from 2003 to 2012 best. But this one is from 1990's - lizard302

7 Renegotiations: The Remixes
8 Grass Roots
9 Invasion of Imma Bee Rocking That Body
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