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21 Ten Cent Pistol (Brothers) V 2 Comments
22 Breaks (The Big Come Up)

How is this not higher?!? The intro of "Lean forward slightly, Look straight at
The speaker and listen with a sparkle
In your eye as though you might be thinking
'gee this is the most wonderful thing
I've ever heard in all my life'" just immediately sets you up for an incredible guitar riff that hooks you for the whole track. My favourite song

Really? If you do not have this song in your top ten, then you are not a fan of The Black Keys

Amazing guitar riff just listen to it I guarantee you'll you it

Totally The Black Keys!

23 Never Gonna Give You Up (Brothers) V 1 Comment
24 Just Got to Be (Magic Potion)

I love this song it's the best they ever made

Best black keys riff sounds like Hendrix

Best off magic potion

One of the best! Top 5

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25 Nova Baby (El Camino)

My favorite song by the Black Keys, the song sounds great when at both of the tempos it switches to and the lyrics are very meaningful

26 Unknown Brother (Brothers)

Easily one of their most beautiful songs. Very underrated, but with so many songs, many of them will end up being underrated.

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27 Meet Me in the City (Chulahoma)
28 Midnight In Her Eyes (Thickfreakness)
29 The Lengths (Rubber Factory)
30 Next Girl (Brothers)

This song is REALLY catchy and just AMAZING all in all.

31 Sister (El Camino)

Good stuff but seems underrated. The music is mixed pretty well, catchy touch in guitar and bass, plus fun stomping drum. The tempo is amazingly addicting.

Amazing! So catchy, a mint summer tune, and along with nova baby, the best off the album by far!

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32 Waiting on Words
33 Stack Shot Billy (Rubber Factory)

The intro to this song on its own is so great, it displays Dan's amazing talent for guitar. The story told by song is so clear to understand and such a great showcase of good blues-inspired rock music

34 Hard Row (Thickfreakness)

Love this! Should definitely be much higher

Rock and roll, sweetheart!

35 Till I Get My Way (Rubber Factory)
36 Busted (The Big Come Up)
37 My Mind Is Ramblin' (Chulahoma) V 1 Comment
38 The Lengths

This proves that these guys are true rockers and rollers. Every great band needs a great slow dance song and this is it for them. The Lengths!

Love this song. A little less of blues and more of roots rock. Great song, great band, and awesome note bending in this particular song.

39 I'll Be Your Man (The Big Come Up)
40 Yearnin' (The Big Come Up)
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