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41 The Go Getter (Brothers)
42 When the Lights Go Out (Rubber Factory)

Always thought this song was one of the more popular ones...

Ohh come on this is to good to be 42nd!

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43 Too Afraid to Love You (Brothers)

Just one of those great songs by the Black Keys, subtle little bits of instruments make it a masterpiece!

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44 Things Ain't Like They Used to Be (Attack & Release)

My favorite black keys song

45 She's Long Gone (Brothers)

LISTEN to the guitar riff in the CHORUS and you will be hooked! Love this song!

I think this is the best song by the black keys. so underrated

46 Have Love Will Travel

Love the sound of this one.

47 Grown So Ugly (Rubber Factory) V 1 Comment
48 Just Couldn't Tie Me Down (Rubber Factory)

The riff is simply amazing, the solo beautiful, everything about this song is perfect besides the fact that my speakers won't go loud enough to do it justice!

49 You're the One (Magic Potion)

So underrated, but one of their best in my opinion. It's right up there with The Lengths as far as slow dance songs. This one's a masterpiece

Wow! How is this at 51? Deserves to be in the top 10 at least!

50 Elevator (Magic Potion)

The riff of this one is crazy, need some votes.

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51 Run Right Back (El Camino)

One of my favorites off of my favorite Album, El Camino

How is this song not in the top ten!? Give it a try! I promise it will not disappoint! It's So catchy and you won't be able to get it out of your head (in a good way) I'm really suprised its not way way higher!

It's way, waay to low on the list. Should be top 10.

52 Hell of a Season (El Camino)

One of their best songs of all time

53 Mind Eraser

Obviously not top 10 material but I can't let one of their most underrated gems be put so low

54 Chop and Change (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse)

The bass line is awesome! Why wasn't this on here yet? I love it!

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55 I'm Not the One (Brothers) V 1 Comment
56 Gotta Get Away (Turn Blue)

Love this song! Favorite off turn blue!

Really fun to listen...the intro riff just impressed me...also the solo with that violin...guys check it out...slightly different from the other songs of the album

57 Money Maker (El Camino)

Get your SUITS ON, GROOM UP and GET THIS SONG on the background while your at it!

58 Same Old Thing (Attack & Release) V 1 Comment
59 Leavin' Trunk (The Big Come Up)
60 All You Ever Wanted (Attack & Release)

I truly believe that this is one of the most underrated songs of all time.

I know it's clich├ęd but I can't believe it's not on the list. Definitely one of their best.

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