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61 Leavin' Trunk (The Big Come Up)
62 Hurt Like Mine (Thickfreakness)
63 10 Lovers (Turn Blue)

Really underrated song on the B side of Turn Blue. Love the synth and the sorta Miami Neon feel.

64 Have Love Will Travel

Love the sound of this one.

65 Heavy Soul (The Big Come Up)

Awesome song!, the guitar riff is priceless.

Best song how is 64

66 Lies (Attack & Release)

This song is just awesome. The power, the lyrics, everything.

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67 Turn Blue (Turn Blue)

Wait a while, I bet this song will be higher! Best song off new album!

68 In Our Prime (Turn Blue)
69 These Days (Brothers)

A real Blues feel and perfect for a mellow mood

70 Strange Desire (Magic Potion)
71 The Desperate Man (Rubber Factory)
72 Act Nice and Gentle (Rubber Factory)
73 Remember When (Side B) (Attack & Release)
74 Aeroplane Blues (Rubber Factory)
75 Stop, Stop (El Camino)

This song is so underrated, should go up!

76 Work Me (Chulahoma)
77 Countdown (The Big Come Up)
78 Just a Little Heat (Magic Potion)

The opening guitar piece is amazing, as it the overall groove of this song.

79 All Hands Against His Own (Rubber Factory)
80 In Time (Turn Blue)

This song is coherent, has a variety of musical instrumentation it brings to the table and overall has a wonderful tone and rhythm!

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