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141 Dead by April V 1 Comment
142 Antestor

In my opinion, Lyrical Content has rather little to do with the Genre. For example, you could rewrite a Mayhem song to be about how much you love kittens. It would have Black Metal riffing, Vocals, etc. It would still be Black Metal. The same goes for "Christian Metal". "Christian Metal" is NOT a Genre. Antestor is NOT a "Christian Metal" band. They are a Black Metal Band with Christian Lyrical Themes.

just hear it, and your life will change - rock2metal

This band should be way higher on the list. It paved the way for Christian black metal, and is my favorite black metal band (I'm a chrstian) For their best album(in my opinion) they had the drummer from mayhem (hellhammer) which makes the songs even more awesome. Great lyrics about the struggles of a Christian life. I think this band deserves a spot in the top 10

They should be way higher

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143 1349 1349 1349 is a Norwegian black metal band from Oslo, Norway, formed in 1997. The band's name comes from the year the Black Death reached Norway.

Raw black metal, in my opinion the only black metal band keeping the genre alive and frost is an epic drummer

How are 1349 so far down? They are right now (2014) one of the best Black Metal bands. They also have one of modern metal's best drummers; Frost! Definitely deserve top 15.

1349 should be much higher, one of the rawest and most awesome black metal bands ever!

1349 are too low. They aren't my favorite, but they should be at least top 15 - ryanrimmel

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144 Taake

Very good riffs and good vocals

Taake's got something to it. It's works are melodic, yet sometimes they carry certain unique appeal that I like about them. This appeal is for example mostly heard on album called taake.

Taake is holding the black metal torch consistently higher than most the bands on this list, yet it's not higher on the list, go figure.

Taake not being in the top 10 at least really say's it all about this list.

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145 Vader Vader Vader is a Polish death metal band from Olsztyn. Formed in 1983, the group was founded by then-bassist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek and guitarist Zbigniew "Vika" Wróblewski. Starting as a heavy metal group, Vader eventually went to thrash, speed, and then in the late 1980s became a death metal band. The more.
146 Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth Cradle of Filth are a British extreme metal band that formed in Suffolk in 1991. The band's musical style evolved from black metal to a cleaner and more "produced" amalgam of gothic metal, symphonic black metal and other extreme metal styles.

One of the best Black Metal bands and easily the top symphonic/gothic Black Metal band. The first 4-5 albums were masterpieces! The lyrics and sound were incredible. Once they made it to the mainstream and realized they could make more money by making easier, slower, and more shallow music, they did. I can't blame them. $$$ but Nymphetamine and Thornography were pretty bad and not very black. The last 2 albums were somewhere in the middle

I don't believe they are so down in the list... Maybe it's because they aren't black metal, but gothic

The first 4-5 albums were basically a gothic black metal. They were great then but the last 5 albums have been more commercial.

Greatest metal band in the uk

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147 Toxic Holocaust Toxic Holocaust Toxic Holocaust is an American black/thrash metal band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 1999. The band has gained notoriety among the thrash metal community, and is arguably one of the most popular modern thrash metal bands. Toxic Holocaust also gained attention when their song "Bitch" was featured more. V 1 Comment
148 Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate was a Danish heavy metal band from Copenhagen, formed in 1981 by vocalist King Diamond and guitarist Hank Shermann.

Listen to their albums Melissa and Don't Break the Oath, and you will find reasons to vote this band to take it up to the top ten!

King Diamond is the best Vocalist known to man. Mercyful Fate was the very first wave of Black Metal. All hail the King!

Look, Mercyful Fate music is traditional metal/heavy metal and NOT black metal. - Metal_Treasure

Fate is the gods of metal

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149 Deathspell Omega

Marrying the raw, destructive, and dark energies of black metal to technical guitar-work has led to the creation of some of the most unorthodox and utterly bizarre sounds to infiltrate the genre. Abstract song structures, constant fluctuations in tempo, and a bass player who actually gets to be heard are some of the excellent qualities DsO bring to the table. They don't play live shows, only do a handful of interviews, and don't release any information about band members or their works. Instead of the usual, glamorous displays usually found in the black metal genre, DsO takes a decidedly less travelled road. Check out Paracletus and their Drought EP to hear some of the most mind-bogglingly addictive black metal out there.

Darkest black there is, and that's why it is black metal called black isn't it?

I'm calling it now: this band will be regarded as one of the most compelling and influential metal bands ever, and not just black metal. They top 99% of the bands ahead of them on this dumb list. (So what if it's a drum machine--best sounding drum machine I've ever heard.)
Sometimes great art takes a while to catch on, sink in.

My favorite

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150 Disjecta
151 Luror

Black Metal from Germany, "The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror" is by far the best depressive BM album I've heard in the last years.

152 Falkenbach Falkenbach

Black Metal with Viking and Folk influences from Germany, the whole discography is worth listening 5 full-length albums and some demos.

153 Enfold Darkness
154 Carcass Carcass Carcass are a British extreme metal band from Liverpool, who formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1995. A reformation was enacted in 2007 without one of its original members, drummer Ken Owen, due to health reasons.

Fantastic band. Just no where close to BM. They are Goregrind/melodic death metal not BM

155 Elite
156 Opeth Opeth Opeth is a Swedish progressive death metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990 by David Isberg, who invited Mikael Akerfeldt into the band as a bassist. Isberg ended up leaving the band, which lead to Mikael becoming the band's vocalist, guitarist, principal songwriter, and driving force. Along with more.
157 Amaranthe Amaranthe Amaranthe is a Swedish heavy metal band notable for having three lead vocalists: Elize Ryd, Jake E. Lundberg, and Henrik Englund Wilhemsson, each presenting a different vocal style. Their second album, The Nexus, reached 6th on Swedish charts, 4th on Finnish charts, and reached a peak of 12th on the more.

Why is amaranthe on this list? They are a good band but they are not even close to black metal

158 Woe
159 Nekrogoblikon Nekrogoblikon Nekrogoblikon is an American melodic death metal band based in Los Angeles, California. The group was formed in 2006, by Tim Lyakhovetskiy and Nicky Calonne.

A combination of blac and death metal should be number 3 at least

160 Aurora Black
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