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21 De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - Mayhem

Freezing moon? I bet most of the people here haven't even listened to this song.

best album

Das komplette album ist saustark - christiansteffl

22 Solarfall - Immortal

I think this is the best black metal song ever, just listen to the riffs, are you insane people?!

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23 Angels Eternally Burn - Antim Grahan

Antim Grahan! When I remember my past I wanted to try a Black Metal song to see what Black Metal was, I listened to this band, I hated Black Metal for a long time until Darkthrone made me interested in Black Metal. - GREYBOYY

Proud to be Nepali keep it up bros

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24 Call from the Grave - Bathory

Seriously? 22? This song defines the dark and cold atmosphere black metal should always have.

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25 K.I.N.G. - Satyricon

This isn't black metal. Satyricon were only black metal on their first 3 albums

Satyricon is the best black metal band, cause their music are special and amazing - Odinest

26 One by One - Immortal

Why is it that they're one of the most important Black Metal Bands of All Time and their highest song in the list is this far back? They should be well in the top 5!

AWESOME! - say10

27 Black Metal - Venom

The song that started it all

Best black metal song ever!

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28 Tyrants - Immortal

Awesome song of Immortal... True black metal song (Tyrants) of legendary band Immortal and the video is really good and other stuffs like lyrics, drum, guitar, and the vocal of lead singer Abbath

29 Jesus' Tod - Burzum

Essentially everything that BM should be, harsh, organic fast as a shark, with a hint of anti-Christianity and a touch of nature.

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30 Spellcraft & Heathendom - Behemoth

The original version from Grom is a brilliant black metal track. Behemoth also remade the track death metal style for the Demonica compilation, and that version is just as great.

31 Infected - Antim Grahan
32 300 - Antim Grahan

Antim grahan best singer in the world

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33 War - Burzum
34 Stone Hunter - Vhumi
35 Quintessence - Darkthrone V 1 Comment
36 My Funeral - Dark Funeral

Amazing awesome song. The video is as incredible as it is disturbing. True artistic masterpiece.

This one is just epic. Known far beyond black metal genre.

Ambience, Drumming and Guittar riffs are epic in this song.(I can't believe that people voted up bands like Antim grahan:/ this list doesn't make sense )

37 Inno a Satana - Emperor

Hell yes!

38 Maha Kali - Dissection

Strong lyrics!
Great Melodic Black Metal Song... - Euklid

Simply the darkest lyrics ever!
Listen to it if you're an Indian metalhead and bang your heads like there's no tomorow!

39 Carving a Giant - Gorgoroth


Babies, you never know what is black metal. Just hear open the gates and shut the fk up

40 Funeral Fog - Mayhem

Far out, I'm not a black or death metal fan, but this blew me away

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