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21 The Departure - Abigail Williams
22 Crossing the Triangle of Flames - Darkthrone
23 A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh - Celtic Frost
24 Angels Eternally Burn - Antim Grahan

Antim Grahan! When I remember my past I wanted to try a Black Metal song to see what Black Metal was, I listened to this band, I hated Black Metal for a long time until Darkthrone made me interested in Black Metal. - GREYBOYY

Proud to be Nepali keep it up bros

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25 Solarfall - Immortal

I think this is the best black metal song ever, just listen to the riffs, are you insane people?!

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26 Raining Blood - Slayer
27 One by One - Immortal

Why is it that they're one of the most important Black Metal Bands of All Time and their highest song in the list is this far back? They should be well in the top 5!

AWESOME! - say10

28 Where Dead Angels Lie - Dissection

What the hell this masterpiece is doing on 79th?

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29 Call from the Grave - Bathory

Seriously? 22? This song defines the dark and cold atmosphere black metal should always have.

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30 Black Metal - Venom

The song that started it all

Best black metal song ever!

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31 Jesus' Tod - Burzum

Essentially everything that BM should be, harsh, organic fast as a shark, with a hint of anti-Christianity and a touch of nature.

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32 Hvis Lyset Tar Oss - Burzum

Seek the darkness and hell and you will find nothing but evolution. - torth

Sehr sehr starke hymne. the hymn of black metal - christiansteffl

33 Sacred Predictions - Burning Witch
34 Spill the Dirty Blood of Jesus - Infernal War
35 Infected - Antim Grahan
36 Beyond the Scorpion Gate - Destroy Destroy Destroy
37 Spellcraft & Heathendom - Behemoth

The original version from Grom is a brilliant black metal track. Behemoth also remade the track death metal style for the Demonica compilation, and that version is just as great.

38 Walk the Path of Sorrow - Satyricon
39 War - Burzum
40 Angel of Death - Slayer
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