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41 Incipit Satan - Gorgoroth
42 Spectral Vision - Antim Grahan
43 Dies Irae - Bathory

I listened to it now!
It was great for head banging!

44 Ov Fire and the Void - Behemoth

I think this is the great song of BEHEMOTH and it should be in top 10... OV FIRE AND THE VOID has great video with fast drum, guitar and off course the vocal of Nergal is really awesome... It is the best black metal song I have ever heard and BEHEMOTH totally rocks and Behemoth is the Polish best black metal band I have ever heard... God bless them

It is one of the best black metal I ever heard!
the band has a really fast drummer and a great vocal!

Behemoth is a great band, I also love this song too, but Behemoth is a Blackened Death Metal band guys, shouldn't be in this list sorry.

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45 Scorched Earth Erotica - Cradle of Filth

Are you kidding me? Black's metal best singer, on his best

46 Infected 2 - Antim Grahan V 1 Comment
47 Black Metal ist Krieg - Nargaroth V 1 Comment
48 My Journey to the Stars - Burzum

Insane riffing and haunting vocals make this song a black metal classic!

This should be higher awesome song

Literally the only correct answer

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49 Black Crow on a Tombstone - Satyricon
50 Hvis Lyset Tar Oss - Burzum

Seek the darkness and hell and you will find nothing but evolution. - torth

Sehr sehr starke hymne. the hymn of black metal - christiansteffl

51 Soulreaper - Dissection
52 My Death - Mayhem V 1 Comment
53 I Am Abomination - 1349
54 The Rite Of Our Cross - Satyricon
55 Woman of Dark Desires - Bathory V 1 Comment
56 Where Dead Angels Lie - Dissection

What the hell this masterpiece is doing on 79th?

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57 World Funeral - Marduk

Great band..but their other song 'Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania' should be on the list fact on the top 10 of the list

58 Ain Elohim - Celtic Frost
59 Satan Prometheus - Gorgoroth V 1 Comment
60 What Can I Say - Dead by April
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