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61 Kathaarian Life Code - Darkthrone

The chilling intro that turned into an a amazing blast beat best darkthrone song on the album one of the best black metal songs can't believe it's this low

Scariest black metal song ever!
must hear dis song for metal fans...

Just listen to the trve black anthem pleb

cult - christiansteffl

62 The Serpentine Offering - Dimmu Borgir

My decent is the story of everyman I am Hatred Darkness and Despair

V 2 Comments
63 Night's Blood - Dissection

How.. Is this. Number sevent y.. f our.

You guys, seriously, just listen to it

64 Spill the Dirty Blood of Jesus - Infernal War
65 A Gothic Romance - Cradle of Filth
66 Nymphetamine - Cradle of Filth

This song is my fav song
great lyrics great music these is bast black metal song...

67 Keravnos Kivernitos - Rotting Christ V 1 Comment
68 The Sacrilegious Scorn - Dimmu Borgir

This is so underrated, one of the best black metal creations

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69 Mourning Palace - Dimmu Borgir
70 Black Spell of Destruction - Burzum

Easily the best black metal song ever

71 Fagning - Windir
72 Jesu Dod - Burzum

Varg is truely a genius. we can see it on this song from the absolutly perfect and amazing album filosofem - christiansteffl

73 Spellbound (By the Devil) - Dimmu Borgir
74 Havenless - Enslaved

What the hell is this song doing on 95? This list is Impossible!

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75 Danse Macabre - Celtic Frost V 1 Comment
76 The Pentagram Burns - Satyricon
77 I Curse You All Men - Emperor
78 Han Som Reiste - Burzum

This is what you call a classic! Truly epic and takes you to some other world of darkness and peace. Should be on the list for sure. Just give it a listen before you reach a conclusion

79 The Brimstone Gate - Naglfar
80 666 Voices Inside - Dark Funeral
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