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21 Chicom CQB

When I first unlocked it, I thought it was going to be a waste of unlock tokens. Little did I know this gun would be my main killing machine!

This weapon is amazing. Had know idea how op it was until I used it. Took only about 3.5 hours to get gold.

Best gun ever I just started using it with select fire and it rocks

Beast weapon on Nuketown

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22 KAP-40
23 MK 48

This gun absolutely destroys at a distance even with a silencer on the gun. The damage is amazing at all range and the recoil is a non factor most of the time. This gun with target finder, quickdraw, and silencer is a monster.

This gun is very underrated. When you use attachments like quickdraw and stock it helps you vet over the slow mobility. Almost no recoil and almost always 3 shots to kill even with silencer.

I have nearly 30,000 kills with this gun just need a pistol for close range have a 2.60 kd

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24 B23R

This is the best pistol in Black Ops 2! How is this #31!?

Best pistol in the game by far

25 XPR-50

This sniper is the best weapon ever. Throw in Dual Band and Ballistics CPU and you will be beast. This gun has an amazing fire rate, and is one shot kill waist and above. Best Sniper ALL TIME

High damage with good fire rate pretty damn good overall.

I got gold on this gun in 1 hour


The QBB is one of the best guns in the game it is always dependable for me it's the best when your on overflow

It is my favrouite lmg of bo2 I've been useing it ever since I unlocked it it is amazing with suppressor and laser sight I'm only level 22 and I'm alwalys comeing in the top 3 on free for all and in team death match I'm comeing 2nd or 1st but mostly 1st it is good to use lightweight dexterity and scazenger as your perks

Its an overall good lmg and highly suggest useing it,its like the type 25's big brother.

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27 Five Seven

If you hove a trigger finger this gun is the secondary for you good with fast mag extended clip and long barrel. This gun has very little rec0lil.

Overall a great pistol to use at close to far range. Great damage kills in 2-5 bullets

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Best gun in the game! Amazing with Stock and whatever attachment you want other than that!

Best in the game at medium to long range. Quick handle, silencer or fmj and must use thermal optical. I'm not a very good player and I own with this set up.

They both have good ROFS, and they are both very accurate BEST LMGS

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29 SMR

2 shot kill at any range and put select fire on and you got a full auto killing MACHINE

This Weapon is my favorite AR because of the long range combat of a 2 hit kill at any range.

This gun is very underrated cause almost no one use it. - DanteTopTenners

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Gayest weapon in all the game

It bloody good Iam so surprised its not in the top 5

It's so fun to use this gun against quickscopers, they get so pissed!

It is so good. you never have it fly up a
Like the dsr 50 it has steady aim you can fire multaple bullets instead of having one bullet at a time

31 Tac-45

Don't know if you noticed but this is a primary weapons list not secondary

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32 M216
33 Ray Gun Mark 2

Best gun ever

Automatic ray gun same damege

34 Python

Awesome gun in zombies who does not agree

35 S12

Most favorite shotgun in the game because of the fast follow up shots that even the M1216 would lose to and has more power to it's shot. I would recommend anyone who is a fan of this weapon to check out Ahoy because he built a class that could be someone's worst nightmare should they try and fight back and is also a threat to Snipers because of the follow up shots.

This weapon is often overlooked, just put on fast mag and the reloads will be fine. Its good if you have a trigger finger because it is semi-automatic

By far the best.


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36 Combat Knife

Bad ass and it has swag

37 Crossbow

Ultimate raging weapon because of the explosive bolts and also can cause people to go with instant revenge if used properly.

Great if you havegood accuracy. and tri-bolt is the best with this weopon.

38 ACR

Wait, this isn't a Bo2 gun.

It has no recoil such a gream weapon


39 RPD
40 RPG

The Rpg is good but id rather prefer the Smaw instead

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