Best Black Skateboarders

The Top Ten

1 T.K (Terry Kennedy)

Tk is my personal homie, but besides that he's just a positive person. And overall he has the best frontside crooks on stair rails hands down.

He's very awesome and talented with a street swagger like no other!

terry kenddy is a cool alsome skater

He's the best and he is a good roll model for kid's and adult's. He's one of the best skateboarder's in the history of history

2 Stevie Williams

One terry kennedy is good but he never tops in a skate comp. I do like the way TK is making a name for black skaters but come on lets face facts my boy stevie williams is just dope with his hard flips. DGK ALL DAY, if it had to be TK vs stevie I say stevie all day be

he's one of the best street skaters not just one of the best black skaters - skaterboy32

Stevie Williams is a great skater he is better than T.K.T.K. is great but deserves to be number 3 behind Stevie and Kareem

We met for the first time today at his shop in castleberry hill...awesome dude
Thanks for the new wheels! -chef carl

3 Kareem Cambell

The original one!

The best old skool!

4 Lupe Fiasco Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (born February 16, 1982), better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco, is an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur. He rose to fame in 2006 following the success of his debut album, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor. He also performs as the frontman of rock band Japanese Cartoon more.

He's tight and he raps that's skill wonder if he still skates

He's cool and Muslim he's a cool ass Muslim. I wonder if he eats bacon, because if he does he'll be a cool ass rebel Muslim. I wonder if he does drugs because if he does he'll be acool bad ass rebel Muslim.

5 Bastien Salabanzi

Bastien is one of the top ten skateboarders of all time, nevermind just in the top ten of all black skateboarders. This is nonsense, bastien should be number one on this list. This is a popularity contest, seeing as lupe fiasco is placed third.

Like the guy under said this guy is amazing. I don't understand how people could vote on lupe fiasco love his music but seriously Bastien is an amazing skateboarder should get props

Has been skateboarding all the years has best style and skates switch and fakie and nollie does tricks many pros today aren't doing!

6 Nyjah Huston

Why is he not on the list he is the future of skateboarding and he is the best out there

He should be top of this list

He is so good dude

He is the best

7 Darrell Stanton

Darrell Stanton really showed his skill in the movie SOLE

This guy is so epic and sick

8 Ray Barbee

Ray barbee influenced a generation of skaters with his smooth style

I cannot believe I'm the only one to give Ray a vote.. Nobody knows whats up anymore.

Ray helped pave the road for many to follow... a true pioneer!

This is a terrible list...Lupe is nothing to skateboarding

9 Karl Watson


10 Boo Johnson

Definitely should be in top 5 Lupe not even a skater

Come on man its Boo!

This guy is insane on rails

Becuse he is consistnt and on dgk like what

The Contenders

11 Antwuan Dixon

Beast style, heel flips out of the world, what else can I say?

How is Antwuan not on this list?

Can't believe he's not top 5 honestly


12 Ishod Wair
13 Jeron Wilson

This guy is so awesome

14 Daniel Castillo
15 Theotis Beasley

The best ever.

Been killing it since he was like 11, favorite baker rider, other than throwback antwaun

16 Pharrel Williams

This guy is one the best and been skating since he was 9

17 Nakel Smith

The best skater in odd future also future of skateboarding#golf wang
and lupe fiasco can't skate

18 Alphonzo Rawls

The black Tony Hawk. Hands down best black vert skater ever.

19 Anthony Mosley
20 Kevin Romar
21 Keelan Dadd
22 Lamont Holt
23 Kanya Spani

He lives in south Africa he is a element team rider he is really good he is the best in Africa

24 Chris Pastras
25 Cyril Jackson

Street skater on baker skate team sponsered by dc went pro 4yrs ago

26 Darren Harper

How is he NOT on this list?

27 Marquise Henry
28 Thalente Biyela
29 Sean Sheffey

List completely invalidated by the absence of Sheffey...

30 Ron Chatman

Literally like the 2nd professional black skateboarder in the history of skateboarding...

31 Dlamini Dlamini
32 Keenan Milton
33 Kellen James
34 Zion Wright
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