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Black Tide is an American heavy metal band from Miami, Florida. Formed in 2004, the band is currently signed to Interscope Records.
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1 Warriors of Time Warriors of Time Cover Art

Love the intro, this song is so awesome! - dragon13304

Definitely their greatest song out of what I've heard.

Their best song by far. Insane drums at the beginning are so sick everyone should know this song

2 That Fire That Fire Cover Art

"I tell you all the things you wanna hear
You ramble on about how I'm that fire
But if you knew, how far this is from real
You walk away knowing I'm that - fire! "


3 Ashes Ashes Cover Art
4 Honest Eyes Honest Eyes Cover Art
5 Heaven Heaven Cover Art
6 Shout Shout Cover Art
7 Shockwave Shockwave Cover Art

How is this not number 1? This song got me hooked on Black Tide.

8 Angel In the Dark Angel In the Dark Cover Art
9 Black Abyss Black Abyss Cover Art
10 Before We Form Before We Form Cover Art
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11 Light From Above Light From Above Cover Art
12 Let Me Let Me Cover Art
13 Suffering Suffering Cover Art
14 Hit the Lights Hit the Lights Cover Art
15 Walking Dead Man
16 Give Me a Chance Give Me a Chance Cover Art
17 Bury Me

A single from thier post mortem album. this song sounds amazing! personaly my second favourite! - dragon13304

This song rocks my face off.

18 Enterprise Enterprise Cover Art
19 Into the Sky Into the Sky Cover Art
20 Show Me the Way Show Me the Way Cover Art
21 Live Fast Die Young Live Fast Die Young Cover Art
22 Alone
23 Just Another Drug
24 Start Over
25 Through Thick and Thin
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