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1 In the End In the End

WOW! This new song it's incredible... I can't stop listening it... It must be number one... What a Rated-Rockstar-Song!

This singles is from wretched & divine: The story of wild ones. This is a awesome,

This is one of the coolest songs of bvb m/ rock on!

No matter how many times I listen to this its still my favorite I love andys crystal blue eyes its odly sexy

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2 Knives and Pens Knives and Pens

Thanks for the list, now I can check out other songs of theirs...

BVB are amazing! This is the song my big sis played to me when she introduced me to them. Black Veil Brides are the best! Thanks Ash!

First song I've heard by them^^^^ and it's the best song next to fallen angels.

So I once listened to this in the car with my (kind of emo) sister and my papa (who is basically a fan of all mainstream music) and this was on and I was in the passenger's seat with a blank fae when all of the screamo comes on - AnonymousChick

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3 Fallen Angels Fallen Angels

Its a great song I loved it. Black veil brides really rocks and the video, its super cool and Andrew (Andy 6) obviously rocked as usual.

We Scream, We Shout, WE ARE THE FALLEN ANGELS! Such and epic Song...
The videoclip is awesome too so, if you don't know this song, GO LISTEN TO IT!

Dude black veil brides are the best band ever. Fallen angels has 2 be there best song I have been listening 2 black veil brides from the start and I absoultley think this song is just the most amazing song ever. We scream er shout we are the fallen angels. Hard song 2 get out of your head LOVE IT.


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4 Perfect Weapon Perfect Weapon

Really cool song, especially the intro part - the first long scream, and the chorus of this song is just amazing.

I love this song! It's probably my favorite out of all their songs. The first scream in the first part... Is amazing! BVB-Andy Sixx

The best and probably heaviest Black Veil Brides song, the guitar solos, vocals, bass, its all really good quality music. Love the intro with Andy Biersack screaming, even the music video is top notch. AMAZING. Should be number 1.

Okay, this song is just too perfect! I love the scream in the beginning, I love the lyrics, I love that they put their best into it, this is my favorite BVB song!

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5 Rebel Love Song Rebel Love Song

Too Good, Definitely one of the top songs. At least a top 5 material. Come on VOTE! Yeah but knives and Pens is pretty awesome too

Best song by them the music is great come one guys! This is awesome it good for number 1 or 2 maybe behind fallen angels which is pretty great too.

It makes me feel like I want to dance. More relateable than any other song except maybe knives and pens.

Such an amazing song. Helped me through a time when people said it was wrong for me and my girlfriend to be together as we are both girls

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6 The Legacy The Legacy

I personally believe that this song is there best one because I think it runs smooth the solos get you pumping the lyrics are so catchy and the music video leaves you hitting replay

Really good song I think it is much better than Fallen Angels but hey whatever.

Perfect song I think if the made a fate movie they should use the legacy because of legacy fate type thing.


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7 Lost It All Lost It All

It's so beautiful. It's Black Veil Brides' way of saying that it's okay to be sad sometimes and it's okay that we fall down. This song was so beautiful, so calm and sad in the beginning and gradually building up in the middle and finally ending off with "I believe that we all fall down. " I am very surprised that this isn't at the top!

This song is the calmest done by Black Veil Brides. When you listen, you feel a sense of calm about it. It's a beautiful song, and the backup singing is very different from their normal songs.

This song is so powerful and uses so many elements. Slow, soft singing eventually building up to choirs at the end. There are also guitars, violins, horns, drums, and a whole orchestra!

This song is actually beautiful its telling you its ok to be sad and not to cut the final cord you know

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8 Sweet Blasphemy Sweet Blasphemy

I can't even explain why I love this song so much. It had a very strong message. - jackbell1

Sweet Blasphemy's meaning is hard to tell but it is strong and there... Most people don't realize the song is about fighting against what people want you to be and standing up for yourself and what you wish to believe in... The song is purely amazing

I love how they say, "Through sadness you have taught us to be one with the crowd/Unveil the sacred order, hymns of falling down/You told the greatest stories, of love and bleeding crowns/But to the sick and hungry, you cannot be found." It's like they're thanking their fans for opening their eyes, and teaching them new things about life.

This song is the best thing I've ever heard it has a very strong
We are young and we are strong through strength and self we become something more then they can be this is our sweet blasphemy

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9 Savior Savior

Savior should be with the top 10! It is the most inspiring song I've ever heard :)) but sure the others totally ROCK :D especially knives and pens and fallen angels!

Savior should be in the top 5 because without this song and this band my life would be pointless. There are other good songs that ROCK like Knives and Pens, Fallen Angels, Perfect Weapon, and In the End, but I personally think that this song should be in the TOP 5!

This song is so.. words can't even begin to describe how much I love this song. It moves me to tears every time I listen to it, especially the "So hear my voice remind you not to bleed." line. It really tells a straightforward and motivating message.

This song speaks to me in the best way as possible

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10 The Morticians Daughter The Morticians Daughter

BEST SONG EVER. I honestly think this deserves number one I love guys who sing If someone ever sang this to me.. I would fall in love

I think it is awesome! Just like all there songs but this one come on it is just so touching! Love Black Veil Brides so MUCH! And my favorite lyrics from this song are "I love you more than I can ever scream" and "I sit there and smile dear, I smile because I think of you and I blush"!

This song gets to your heart and is so emotional and it deserves to be at least number 3. The lyrics are insane and the quality is outta this world. This song ROCKS.

Every time I hear this, I smile like a little kid again. I smile a real smile, not a fake one I show to society to avoid the same question: Are you okay?
This song gives me the familiar feeling of a first grade crush, which makes me so happy. - AnonymousChick

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? Devil's Choir Devil's Choir

"I'll carry you, my darkest desire
When life sings to you, through devil's choir
F.E.A.R., won't, steal what burns in you
I'll carry you, away from the fire. "

Perfect song. Love it.

This song should be in the top ten! It's one of the songs that first introduced me to this band its amazing!

One Of Their Best Songs, This should definitely be in the top 20 at least, this song is so GOOD

I love this song it's one of my favorites from BVB and it definitely should be in the top ten!

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? Coffin Coffin

Musically, this is probably Black Veil Brides' best song. Everything about it is good. Andy's singing and screaming improved and the guitar work is excellent, the backup vocals are amazing, the bass playing is a lot better than their other songs. And of course, CC's drumming is the best.

I'm glad to know that hope in humanity is not all lost. This song is one of their best, and I am proud of my fellow army members for keeping it in the top 10. I personally think it belongs in the top 5, but that's just my opinion. Keep voting it up, amazing peoples

Knives and pens and coffin... 'enough said...
This is an AMAZING song I hope people can see it more, I LOVE the break when he starts the screaming, those are his best screams ever in my opinion!


I REALLY like the screaming. It's so, so... defiant. and rebellious.

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11 Wretched and Divine Wretched and Divine

Why is this song not in the top ten! It is a lot better than sweet blasphemy!

! This is the best song why isn't it in the top ten... :(

#2 on the song list. So awesome. Why is it 17

This song is incredible! The album is probably my favorite and the End And New Years Day are on that album! Put it higher up.

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12 We Stitch These Wounds We Stitch These Wounds

This song is way more epic than Knives and Pens. I know Knives and Pens has an awesome music video, but this song is just better. It has great screamo, and the beginning draws you in. This song makes you listen to Black Veil Brides.

I absolutely love Knives and Pens, but this tops it in my opinion. The intro is dramatic and epic! Great lyrics. And awesome guitar riffs and screams. This song literally just flows together and it pulls you in. I mean, come on, at least second!

Are you serious, how is this not 1st?
It should be at least 2nd, this is the best BVB song, hands down

This is way better than quite a few songs above it

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13 Set the World on Fire Set the World on Fire

An inspiring Song that always gives confidence to a Human in Life. Just an amazing.. And perfect song

This is the best song I liked its didn't become that famouse cause there wasnt much advertising

This song is amazing! It is a very good, inspiring, song, Andy is an amazing singer, CC is an amazing drummer, Ashley is an amazing guitarist, Jinxx is an amazing violinist, and Jake is amazing! This band is inspiring! They have taught me to never give in and I love them for that!

It's awesome between the chorus and the background music it's totally perfect

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14 I Am Bulletproof I Am Bulletproof

This is one of my favourite songs by Black Veil Brides. It shows how far the have come and how they have grown as a band, these songs from this album really stand out from their previous work. I am bulletproof shows how far Andy has come as a singer and this should at least be number 10!

This song is an ANTHEM. I swear the solo and the vocals kick ass. Plus you get Andy's screaming to accent the whole thing. It's one of my favorites at the moment.

This song captures the story of the album in a few minutes, and the chorus is one like nothing BVB have ever done. For this reason, the song is the best from their new album in my opinion.

Love the guitar in this too much! I love this song!

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15 Let You Down Let You Down

Love this song so much... It's quite hard to describe exactly why but I feel like I can relate to this song so much. Andy's voice is really believable when he sings "I swear these words are true... I BELIEVE IN YOU! I'll never let you down, I promise right here, right now... " It makes me feel so much better even though I don't him know personally, but it's like him and the rest of the guys are always there for me and have a song for every situation I'm in. This song in particular though, is my favourite from their new album and I can't thank them enough for doing what they do best - make music. Definitely worth listening to. Jas/z

BVB played this song at the warped tour and I instantly fell in love with it! It's just simply amazing and Andy's voice sounds really great, as always, in it.

One of their newest songs at the moment but by far one of their best!

This should be number one it is my favorite song by them

16 Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors

This is one of my favourite songs - a lot of people haven't heard of it as you had to pre order 'set the world on fire' to get it.
Love the lyrics
Love the band
You need to listen to this song - JasC

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17 Goodbye Agony Goodbye Agony

This song has such a deep meaning about letting go of the "agony" and misery of the past. Let go of that that keeps you down and look to the future for a new beginning. And I love this message. Andy portrays this very well in the music video and in the lyrics of the song. Why this song isn't higher is beyond me...

Killer I pushed this song from 44 to 43. But it needs to be higher. This is an amazing song it shows Andy's soft side so well and I think this is the best song on the album. If you haven't heard it, listen to it now its amazing

I feel in love with song the moment I played it in my phone... Beautiful lyrics and some much power in the song... Can't believe it so below in this list... Come on guys vote for it... Its awesome song!

The line "I never knew that hope was fatal until I looked it in the eye" is just ingenious

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18 New Years Day New Years Day

I love this song... The teaser for the Wretched and Divine album should have been "Rise from the Ashes -- 2013" oh gosh

Winning. Best song I've ever heard. Well, next to some Green Day, Motley Crue, and Avenged Sevenfold.

This song captures the energy of a battle in a song, and then the breakdown is a violin solo, which I find awesome because I can't imagine any other band like BVB ever doing this.

Absolutely amazing song, what introduced me to Black Veil Brides and that's why I love them so much!
Should be a lot higher on the list. The countdown is fantastic and the guitar solo is remarkable...

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19 Die for You Die for You

Amazing song! The lyrics are so meaningful, the chorus is fantastic and I often find this song stuck in my head. I have nothing much more to say, although I'm extremely shocked this is ranked at 25!

So underrated, this song has some of the best and most gripping choruses of any song, and is truly incredible. This is a brilliant song and deserves a much better position than this. - EvilAngel

Andy's voice and the guitar chord structure in this are beautiful. This should be in the top ten instead of some of the others. I really like it a lot.

Romantic lyrics and deep musical. Great song!

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20 Carolyn Carolyn

It s the great song of this band I want it up people. Listen to it and you will see its awesome

15th place?!?! The spine-chilling intro, the calmness and veiled intensity of this song, the hope and strength it has in its lyrics... I seriously thought this would be at least in the top 5 if not first... The guitar solo by Jake is amazing as always... That guy is an awesome and very talented guitarist!

This should be on the top along with savior, rebel love song and knives and pens. The verse 'We are not alone' really got to me. It's simple and straight-forward. It's melodic, and is one of the best songs out there! Go BVB! - music_book_addict

Love this song. It has such a positive message. One of my favourites by them.

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