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What's your favourite song by the Blackout?
So many to choose from...

The Top Ten

1 ShutTheF**kUppercut!
2 Ambition is Critical

Laugh out loud, how is this not in the top three? Much better than 90 percent of the songs above it, what's it doing down here in 12th!?

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3 Higher & Higher UListen to Sample
4 Hope (Scream It Out Loud)

This song should definitely be higher up. You've probably heard people say that before but I'm serious you should listen to this song. How is this not number 1!? The lyrics are also beautiful

I'm double facepalming myself right now, this list is messed up really bad.

5 Save Our Selves (The Warning)

Awesome live n just a cracking tune great build up near the End of the song. The ending is incredible live as everybodys chanting the ending should be number 2. Great riff that just gets stuck in. Your head all day Sean's scream is sick

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6 Children of the Night UListen to Sample
7 Wild Nights and Fist Fights UListen to Sample
8 I Don't Care (This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things)

I never stop listening to this song, IT'S BRILLIANT!

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9 No More Waiting
10 Said & Done UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Never by Your Side

Great song, I can't believe I had to put it on the list!

12 The Fire UListen to Sample
13 Spread Legs, Not Lies UListen to Sample
14 Murder In the Make Believe Ballroom UListen to Sample
15 Go Burn City Hall to the Ground UListen to Sample
16 It's High Tide Baby! UListen to Sample
17 The Storm
18 The Devil Inside

Just an awesome song with a great chorus. Sean is also great I'n the verses some good screams here

19 You're Not Alone UListen to Sample
20 The Last Goodbye
21 Keep On Moving
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Top Remixes

1. Children of the Night
2. I Don't Care (This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things)
3. Higher & Higher
1. Ambition is Critical
2. Wild Nights and Fist Fights
3. No More Waiting
1. ShutTheF**kUppercut!
2. The Storm
3. The Devil Inside


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