Kai is the best blader in world as he has more stamina and determination than other blader. He is always number 1. He win all the matches even with Ryouga and Gingka and Tyson the looser one and his confidence make him better than other. He is very tenacious and skilful. I like KAI because throughout series he follow his goals yet he also enriches his knowledge by learning from few mistakes he made in his battle. He is willingly to sacrifice every thing for what he wants. His power is indestructible and he can tear Tyson into pieces. The min reason for watching beyblade is Kai. He is a legend who gave inspiration to not get dishearten and try again and again for your goal. You will definietly wins. He is also like a battle machine and has lots of emotion in his heart.

Best blader with most powerful bit-beast black dranzer. Kai deserves number 1. He is much much better than tyson granger. - kormo

Hey why is Kai at no. 2? Everyone likes him. No matter what anyone says, he was a legend and will be a legend. He is the heart of most of the people watching Beyblade. And if he were in the metal series, no one would be have defeated him, not even Ryuga and Gingka. He is the best.

He is best not because he is one of the strongest... He is best because of his spirit, you can beat him and break him into pieces, yet he will return with more determination... And trust me, that'll induce fear in your heart... Strength doesn't make Kai, persistence, determination, aggression, and a heart that's never give up, these make a Kai...

When it turns to Kai that means the thing will definitely see its final moments. Cool, mature and even insane but heart of Beyblade world. Without him and Ray it's just like bunch of overrated morons with full of immaturity...

Kai is the best only person to beat brooklyn who was basically the rago of the original series. Plus he beat him using his own power for all gingka fans. He is the absolute best!

Kai dangerous than anyone.He defeat anyone.He has 1 not number 4.

Kai is the best blader in the whole world! Is not only that, he's really mysterious especially about his life (all we know he's from a noble family) but it doesn't matter, he should number 1!

Kai is the undisputed champion! His beyblading skills were unmatchable and his spirit was unbroken (even brooklyn couldn't put a scratch on it). He loved to Beyblade and it was his life, he sacrificed everything to achieve the perfection. He always respected his opponents and taught us lesson of true character. I miss Kai, there should be a series with old characters. Beyblade G-revolution and Beyblade Let it Rip were awesome. Kai Forever!

Kai is most dangerous in Beyblade. I think is better than Gingka.

He is so silent. He knows everything still doesn't say he can defeat anyone. He knew everyone in the first season and could defeat all of them still kept quiet.

Kai was the best blader ever! Did he have commitment issues? Yeah... But who could blame him? He had a crappy, touchy-feely, sentimental team! Plus, he had to listen to Tyson all the time! No wonder he kept leaving! Besides, he beat Brooklyn on his own. Think about it. Tyson needed EVERYONE'S help to beat that crazy egoist, but Kai did it completely (well not if you count Dronzer) on his own.

Easy or west kai is the best. He is far more better than ryuga. Kai is the hottest coolest and best blader in the Beyblade history

Oh kai can easily beat ryuga Kai is the best wow he is amazing just awesome I wanna kiss him he is so hot


Kai is a hardworking bladder. But does not want to show his personal feelings to others. I like kai.

Kai is the best he is number 1 blader in the world

Yo Kai is awesome and should be ranked higher

Kai is a calm yet aggressive and a cool yet annoying guy.  He used to be National Champion until Tyson defeated him, ever since then Kai has treated Tyson as an enemy and always seeks revenge on the stubborn boy.

Kai's past at first was a mystery but as the Beyblade series go on and on more of Kai's past is revealed.  However, in doing this Kai has also shown less aggression and more quietness and maybe even jealousy.

Kai is best because he has more stamina then other blader he wants to win all matches his confidence make his better than other he is very tenacious and skillful

I like Kai because throughout the series he follow his goal yet he also enriches his knowledge by learning from the few mistakes he made in his battles.Most of the time,after losing to a blades,he will take the time to think back on what he might have done wrong and will practice harder in order to defeat the next time they face. Kai is a very confident blader who is willing to sacrifice everything to get what he wants, which he usually gets through hard work, sweat or steel-hard determination, though he doesn't seem to mind stepping on some toes on his way up. He is also a quiet and mysterious person. However if he at any time doesn't succeed in what he wants to do, he is very likely to feel down, and stay down for a while, in a depressed state, even willing to give up what he holds so dear, beyblading. However when time comes he overcomes his defeat and rises stronger and even more determined than before.

Although rather introverted, Kai is one of the most emotionally driven ...more

Kai is simply phenomenal. I love him so much. He should be the world champion. His power is indestructible. He is the main reason that I watch beyblade. He can tear Tyson in a flash.

He deserves to be on top rather than gingka or kyoya

I love you kai. Love you so much your voice your scarf your triangles and everything... Love you!

Clearly kids from this era don't know about Kai. Watch his match against Brooklyn - intense