At first he was a cruel and kind of a jerk but somehow in the series he became close friends with gingka. He respect gingka as a blader and he wanted beat him so badly. He became kind hearted thanks to gingka, he battle many tough opponents and became quite popular like gingka. He never gave up his leone and blades spirit. He became the third strongest blader behind gingka and ryuga.

Kyoya only lost to Ryuga. He tied with Gingka every time except the first time. Even then I don't really think that counts as a loss. Gingka would have never beaten him if Madoka hadn't told him how to. I like to call that cheating. She's using a computer to examine the beys Gingka fights against and then tells him exactly how to beat them. If Gignka didn't have any help, Kyoya would have beaten him. Also at the end of Metal Fury it's never said who won in their last battle. And Gignka has the main character advantage too. Basically there seems to be a rule that the main character always has to win.

Kyoya is the best blader in the world. He surely is the KING OF THE BEASTS. Just simply LOVE him. I belive one day he would surely defeat ginga. Love his style and behavior. please vote for him. KYOYA ALWAYS BE THE BEST!

He's the best. He's power is equal to ginga's power. His leone, rock leone, and fang leone all of them are my favourite. I just LOVE him. He plays a very important role in Beyblade

I thing that KYOYA is awesome and the strongest blader in the world. I don't like very much his character but I truly love his style =)

He is strong I like him like number 3

Kyoya can defeat Ginga and Ryuga.His beyblade is my favourite beyblade.

Kyoya is definitely my favorite character. He has a good personality, great blader, and the way he uses his Rock Leon is so cool.

Hey! kyoya should at least be on the position of 3 or 4 not 10!

I think kyouya is the best I n beyblade metal masters he was about to crush pegasus but it ended in a tie and with kyoya fang leon he can crush anything
Plese vote for kyoya

Kyoya cause he is really cool and I like him

How is Kyoya 10? He is much stronger than Masamune, Nile, and arguably Tithi and King and at least the same capabilities as Ginka. He was here since the original Metal Fusion series.

Kyoya is really Very Sweet but His competitive qualification, His smartness I like it and Obviously his Rock Leone Ohhh! Just Love it

Yeah I always liked lions and he is the best lion.he is the king of the beasts

Kyoya is best stronger than ginka or any blader he is number one. He is the strongest

Hy friends I want to share that kyoya is the best best best blader in the world and if kyoya is not the world number 1 so what on every time I love him thanks from farah inayat

Kyoya is a true blader and would give anything to face or defeat ginga. He
Never backs down from a fight even to Ryuga.In beyblade he shows his pride AS THE KING OF BEASTS. Expecially in METAL MASTERS. Kyoya has a brother his name is Kakeru.He got the scars he has when he was protect his brother from glass. If anyone interfears with his battle with Ginga the person will BE KILLED

Kyoya is bravE he never back downs he never hesitateS just go and he giveS His aLL in every battLe
And respects Other bLadeRs he's juSt Unbeleibably brave evEN If he's not sure about next He does not hesitates one little bit

Kyoya is good he thinks he can beat ginka. Kyoya and kenta is the lamest at the legendary blayders.

Kyoya is a strong blader.He is known as the king of the beasts.Some people say he is bossy,but he is very intelligent into picking the conditions for his battles.He lost against Gingka because he is a cheater and uses everyones power for himself.