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21 Helios

Helios is a good blader. He is not like his grandfather. its sad he is a orphan. But after getting defeated by gingka he becames his friend. One of my favourite characters

22 Da Xiang

DaXiang is a calm and strong blader. He is the best blader of China. I think he shoul be #1.

23 Ray Kon

He has to be in number 7 or 8 not in 26

How rude ray should be a lot high then Brooklyn!

He should be in the top 5

Ray is the best. he mostly win and his bit-beast driger Impresive

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24 Yu

He defeated Gingka and was Dark Nebula's 2nd for a while (2nd only to Ryuga himself)!

You is the best.he should be number 1

He is one of the bladers who defeated gingka so he is the best blader


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25 Toby

Toby is a kind hearted blader with a strong bey spirit he never lets anyone get hurt he is always willing to help his friends because after all he did help Gingka win against Nemesis he is a strong blader with his bey Lira.

26 Julian Konzern

You r best julian and also gravity

His beyblade can rotate to the left and right

He owns gravity perseus. He is rich and leader of team excalibur. Julian is good and confident Beyblader in metal masters. My name is Anish please vote for it.

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27 Brooklyn

Brooklyn Masefield is Tyson and Kai's strongest rival. He is a calm and he loves nature. He became bega's powerful weapon and defeated a lot of opponents so easily. He defeated Kai hiwatari like child's play and he never practice. At the tournament he was called by Kai to have a rematch and they started battling. He kept attacking Kai and finishing but Kai was still standing and didn't gave up. Kai finished him with his new special move and Brooklyn was beaten and humiliated. In the final match he was up against Tyson but he was in his dark form. He and Tyson started battling and Tyson showed Brooklyn what beyblading was all about. After that, Brooklyn found his blader spirit and he and Tyson continued battling and departed as friends.

Brooklyn seriously should be higher for many reasons. 1. He created a parallel universe and proceeded to destroy it so that he could kill Tyson. 2. He's only been beaten twice. 3. He's a genius. 4. It took the power of 6 bit-beasts to defeat him. No one watches the original series anymore so Brooklyn is highly unappreciated.

Brooklyn is perfect the blader.

He is one of the serious blader. he is much confident on his natural skills. He should number 1 blader.

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28 Max Tate

Max has confidence to beat any one.

He should be last worst blader of the world is max

Rubbish blader of the world

Max is one fine blader who can fight to any opponent and it is very difficult to beat him.
He has a very powerful draciel and great defensive skill...
And he almost beat kai and tyson in seassion 3.

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29 Benkei

He owns bull and I think he should be on this list

He's the worst. Vote for RYUGA! RYUGA!

Benkai is really fat and likes to eat so that's why I put him the last but his bey does do some damage.

Sorry readers for not very much information but I was in a hurry:) :( - Ryuga106

30 Lee Wong
31 Damian

He is a good Beyblader with his bey hades kerbecs the only reason Ginga beat him is with the power of ryuga with out that he would have lost that's proves ryuga is better than Damien and the number two blader in the world would be Kyoya because he beat damien with no help just his power that proves that he's better than Ginga that puts damien at third best blader in the world then rago then ginga

Damian is the best blader.

WWHHHAAAT? He should've been at no.3 understood. Damian is better than Konzern

Damian is O. P! He beated Julian two times in a row.

32 Robert

Awesome player specially his beyblade grifollion is always ready.

33 Proto Nemesis
34 Pluto
35 Volt Aoi
36 Nemesis
37 Shinobu Hiryuin

He is the counterpart for Kai Hiwatari being the main rival of the main protagonist Zyro also like Kai he has defeated Zyro in their first battle and is the coolest too just like he changes his appearance in every season he is lot more cooler in lining steel than he was in shogun steel.

38 Choa-xin

Chao jin is the best blader I wish he was in number 1

Chaos jin is awesome

39 Cycnus
40 Ozuma

His flash leopard was as good as it gets...
Full of energy...and the captain of the saint shields...

He is an extremely powerful blader who beat Tyson granger 3 times. He was seen as a villian at first but through the series he was trying to protect the beasts inside Tyson's, max's, Ray's, and Kai's Beyblades. Sooner or later, Tyson and ozuma became friends and rivals and he entrusted Tyson to protect his beast. At the beyblading tournament, he was up against Zeo Zagart. Zeo defeated him with his special move. Ozuma has a blader spirit and he gave it his all.

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