We should make a stand for ryuga to make a return Beyblade isn't complete without him so who is with me

I love Ryuga because he is very strong. He owns forbidden bey l-drago. He also owned lightning l drago, meteo l drago and now he owned l-drago destroy F:S. I loved his meteo l-drago. He also defeated ginga and kyoya many times, he is king of Beyblade and will be the king nobody can take the place of ryuga because he is strong and smart than ginga. Thanks

I was so crushed when Ryuga died. I still believe he will come back some day. You just can't kill the Dragon Emperor that easily. Ryuga only ever lost to Gingka and Rago, so he is the strongest. Gingka even admits that Ryuga dose training that none of the rest of them could handle.

Ryuga is like the best b/c he literally never lost any battle. The only time he lost was 2 times and some no outcomes. Plus everyone admitted Ryuga was cool and amazing. Also his everyday life is training while Gingka plays around while Diablo Nemisis is on the run, Ryuga chooses to go theough a hard path instead of a normal path. I really don't get how Ryuga was defeated by a guy like Nemisis. Ryuga is the best blader.

You don't know the power of the dragon emperor. I'm not a big fan or anything but he is bada$$. Ryuga works his a$$ off the be the best. And he is independent. Compare to other bladders they need friends to win. Ryuga fights for himself and reach his goals. That's what I like about Ryuga. And for the fanboys don't just say things like" Kai can beat Ryuga with one shot or Ryuga can beat Kai with one shot" they both great bladders. But the difference is that Kai needs strength and support from his friends and not Ryuga. Everyone wants to be liked and accepted except for Ryuga he doesn't give a care. I still have more to say but I'll say it another time. - LDragoCis

Ryuga totally deserves to be "Number 1! ". He isn't my favorite character, but he is in my top 5, and he is the strongest blader! Ryuga has only lost like 2 battles and beats Gingka 99% of the time... And Gingka is the main character! Ryuga totally rocks and he's SUPER cool!

He lost a few times and when he returned he has been getting huge character development and increasing in power reaching higher on a Op level that no one can breach the gap. Since he return beating him was impossible and also a complex character and personality is just hard to read that just makes him mysterious and one of the best. Hard to find other characters with type of personality.

Kenta is booty. Ryuga is the best. The Japanese killed him off because he knew that his greatness was too powerful and people liked him more than ginga. So they pretty much gave his power to the weakest member of the group to piss us off all.

He defeated Gingka 2 times at least. I say he beat him 4 times because after the survival battle, they clashed, and in one attack, Ryuga made pegasus wobble a lot, so Gingka would've lost. Also, in Metal Masters, Ryuga crushing pegasus, but Ryuga left so that Gingka could make it to the final battle in time.

Ohh MAN...this guy is utterly insane, his hunger for power and his belief in self dependence and insanely hard daily training has brought him so far. Being JUST lost twice, 1. against ginga (UNFAIR!, he used everyones bey spirit against him...moreover ryuga had lost his self control, sure you know the win percentage showed for ginga! lol..that was pathetic) and 2. against rago ( again UNFAIR, he could use anyone's power and in any manner ryuga had battled... I mean CRUSHED) he takes over the crown of being the best blader. Having such a record, THE DRAGON EMPEROR can't JUST DIE! HE KNEW MORE ABOUT BeybladeS THAN THAT JUPITER GUY (come on, he knew how to transfer his star fragment which was supposedly impossible according to the jade jupiter guy)...and also the fact that HE ENDURED THREE DARK DRAGONS CONTROLLING HIM SHOWS HOW STRONG HE WAS! OVERCOMING THEM! THIS GUY WAS NUTS. therefore, I believe that he is somewhere gaining power to attain his full glory...waiting in the shadows...as ...more

Ryuga is gingka powerful and ultimate rival. He beat his opponents like child's play and never showed his true strength until he battles gingka at battle bladers. He was possessed by his l drago and lost control. He almost beat gingka but he didn't. Gingka finished him with his special move and ryuga lost. Somewhere in the series ryuga respect gingka and became friends with him. Thanks to gingka, he found his blader spirit and battle other tough opponents.

Ryuga evolves 3 times making extra stronger since he really does not use his full power most of the time so he rocks no matter what

Ryuga was always the best, what confused me was he was evil in metal fusion, kinda different in metal masters but the joins ginga for the first round, then assumed dies in the next battle against Rago. But he gave Kenta his powers which was unexpected. I though he didn't like Kenta but gives him his powers, really cool

He has only lost twice once because Ginga used the power of his friends as well. The other to Rago who had the power of all legendary bladers

Ryuga "reigns over the world as the strongest, the Dragon Emperor himself". He has a win-loss ratio of about 50-2, and 2 of his losses were not even legit or justified: 1. Loss to Gingka in battle bladers, because he was beeing controlled by the dark force and Gingka absorbed everyone's bey spirit. 2. Loss to Rago, because he gained every the power of every blader in the world. Ryuga never lost when his opponent only used his own strength. He definitely is the Sovereign in the Beyblade world!

Ryuga was not just the best bladder. But he inspired me, if it wasn't for him I would gotten no where. He changed my life! - LDragoCis

Any time he loses (which is 2x in the entire saga), you can tell Ryuga could've won if he tried his best. The one against Gingka, he was possessed by L-Drago's Dark Power. And the one against Rago, his Beyblade's facebolt was cracked before from his battle with Kenta, he didn't use any mode changes, and Rago had to use Ryuga's power against him.

Ryuga is the best causes believe he is still alive somewhere

Ryuga The Dragon Emperror! Spreads Terror into opponent's hearts, fights with style, no backing down. He only lost twice. GREAT Record.

Ryuga is the strongest blader I always loved all of ryuga's battles! Ryuga's the one the only dragon emporer, Ultimate Move Dragon Emporer Life Destructor!

Director please back the RYUGA

Ryuga is epic he beat gingka 4 times gingka only beat him one time ryuga was a legendary bladder to but because of kenta he died

Ryuga is the strongest. He is the Dragon Emperor. He only lost 2times and nobody else can defeat him. Rago won against and gingaa won only 1 time so he is the best. Ryuga is The Dragon Emperor hi will burn ginga to crisps. Rip Ryuga

Ryuga is completely unstoppable, he won every battle except two, one with gignga in the end of metal fusion, and rago and pushed rago so far back in a corner he had to use his special move to beat him ( he didn't even use his special move against all of the other legendary bladers, until ginga gets all there powers combined)

Rayuga is the blader in world he can defeat anybody the world