Best Bleach Opening Songs

The Top Ten

1 "Asterisk" by Orange Range
2 "D-tecnolife" by UVERworld
3 "Alones" by Aqua Timez
4 "Ichirin no Hana" by High and Mighty Color
5 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" by Beat Crusaders
6 "Rolling Star" by Yui

Looking Back, It Shows How Different/Much More Simple The Show Was Back Then

7 "Velonica" by Aqua Timez

It's cool seeing how all the captains and their lieutenants are staged in this one. Plus, it shows the Espada with Aizen and the Visored (not to mention Kisuke and Yoruichi). Really does a nice job including all the characters at that point.

Great Song

8 "After Dark" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
9 "Chu-Bura" by Kelun
10 "Shoujo S" by Scandal

The Contenders

11 "Ranbu No Melody" by Sid

Amazing Song, Unique Art Style, Nowhere To Hide The Bleach Logo (Serious)

12 "Change" by Miwa

"Change Nabikanai Nagaserenai Yo, Ima Kanjiru Koto Ni Sunao De Itai No, Change Nando Demo Umare Kawaru No, Kanashimi Mo Dakishimete, Hashiridasu Yo"

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