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1 Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
2 Hey Baby, Here's that Song You Wanted
3 You Wear a Crown But You're No King

New song. New album. Listen!

4 40 Days...
5 What's Left of Me
6 Promised Ones

In my opinion

1- Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
2- Promised Ones
3- Hey Baby Here's That Song You Wanted
4- What's Left Of Me
5- You Wear A Crown But You're No King

LOVE IT! I think it's time to have a new song in 1st palce. - tiagocowboy11

7 Hollow Bodies

That intro though...

"Black souls. Empty bodies"
Best song. Dudes.

1. Hollow Bodies
2. Five Ninety
3. Carry On
4. Hey Baby Here's That Song You Wanted

8 Open Water

Most melodic one they have, really good music. How could this be in number 7?! Is it because it's not as popular as the rest? It's a must-listen!

9 To Hell and Back
10 Higinia

The Newcomers

? Wait for Tomorrow

The Contenders

11 Rise Up

The best song for me when Craig Mabbitt was on Blessthefall. I'm surprised because this song isn't even in the top ten. - tiagocowboy11

How is it not in top 5? -_-

12 Up in Flames
13 Black Rose Dying

Wait for them to come on in and take you away from me again. WAIT FOR THEM to come in and take you Black Rose Dying.

14 Sleepless in Phoenix

Best Blessthefall Song. Not really like their other stuff in my opinion, very catchy.

15 God Wears Gucci
16 Youngbloods
17 Could Tell a Love
18 Bottomfeeder
19 A Message to the Unknown
20 The Reign
21 Déjà Vu
22 We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead
23 Walk On Water

I don't get how this song isn't on here, always makes me happy listening to this

24 Undefeated
25 Don't Say Goodbye

Love this song, but I accidentally voted for a different song.

26 Exodus
27 Stay Still

This Song it's Good Why are in 48?

28 See You On the Outside
29 Times Like These
30 Five Ninety
31 Last Ones Left
32 Open Water
33 I'm Bad News, In the Best Way
34 Pray
35 Bones Crew
36 Meet Me at the Gates
37 With Eyes Wide Shut
38 Till the Death of Me
39 Standing On the Ashes
40 You Deserve Nothing and I Hope You Get Less
41 Skinwalkers
42 His Last Walk
43 Carry On
44 The Sound of Starting Over
45 Witness
46 Buried In These Walls
47 I Wouldn't Quit If Everyone Quit
48 Awakening
49 2.0
50 Flatline (Interlude)
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1. Youngbloods
2. What's Left of Me
3. You Wear a Crown But You're No King
1. Hey Baby, Here's that Song You Wanted
2. Open Water
3. 40 Days...
1. Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
2. Hey Baby, Here's that Song You Wanted
3. Promised Ones


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