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1 Nightfall in Middle-Earth

Reading up on the story behind each of the songs really makes a difference and changes this album from a great album into pretty much the best album I've listened to. This is especially relevant to "When Sorrow Sang", which turns from anger into tragedy, if you do read up on it.

You have to listen to "Thorn". Seriously.

Any fan of Lord of the Rings and/or The Silmarillion should listen to this.

The most epic and beautiful album ever made, mirror mirror, nightfall and the curse of FĂ«anor are my favorites songs.

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2 At The Edge Of Time

This album just combines old and new blind guardian in a perfect way. The epic of a song like wheel of time is unique... Next to and then there was silence. But sacred worlds and other songs make this album also superior.

Best album of the 21st century - christangrant

The renew of the band

This album is At The Edge Of Perfection. - Metal_Treasure

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3 Somewhere Far Beyond

Probably their most ripped-off album by other power metal bands. Time What is Time, Journey Through the Dark and Bard's Song (though I prefer the re-recorded version) are some of their greatest songs. My favorite album from Blind Guardian is either this one, or A Night at the Opera. - Caleb9000

Maybe their breakthrough album; The Bard's Song - the real deal?
I can't imagine Blind Guardian without The Bard's Song.

This album was 'transitional' - from the early BG to a more mature and diverse BG; Hansi revealed more of his incredible vocal skills.

I also feel that 'Time What Is Time' is somewhat underrated even by the BG fans - this song is awesome and 'transitional', while Journey Through The Dark reminds of their early raw speed metal. - Metal_Treasure

4 Imaginations From the Other Side

@visitor RE "Nightfall is spoiled by those interludes". I disagree - Nightfall is a concept album with many progressive elements and these "interludes" are part of the whole story. Moreover, some "interludes" are the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard - Battle of Sudden Flame, The Minstrel, Out on the Water. I wish Blind Guardian made longer songs based on these tunes and music ideas because they are magical pieces of heaven. - Metal_Treasure

An absolute blast from start to finish. I think nightfall is better but this needed my vote.

In my opinion all strengths of the band are united on this record.

Absolutly Perfect! Nothing more to say.

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5 Beyond the Red Mirror

Wow, this album is defiantly Blind Guardian's biggest project, and while I am a big Tolkien, thus I am inclined to love Nightfall in Middle earth, I have to admit that Blind Guardian's work is getting larger and grander. In Beyond the Red Mirror, the band worked with three worldwide choirs and two full orchestras. If only they had the choirs and orchestras with them in Nightfall in Middle Earth

@Metal_Treasure, this album has been moving up my ranking of Blind Guardian albums since it came out. First it was #5, now it is my joint favourite with Night at the Opera. - IronSabbathPriest

Now I'm listening to this album and I think it's one of their best ever. I don't know - maybe I'm too excited right now because it's new, or maybe it's really damn good. Are there other people thinking it's a top BG album? - Metal_Treasure


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6 Night at the Opera

This is their most underrated. - IronSabbathPriest

This album and Somewhere Far Beyond are my two favorites. This has plenty of symphonic, classical/folk inspired bliss that takes you to worlds of your wildest dreams. Especially the closer, And Then There Was Silence, which is my favorite Blind Guardian song. - Caleb9000

Battlefield, Under the Ice, The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight, And Then There was Silence. Four amazing songs all on this one album.

Absolutely fantastic album.. Love it!

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7 Batallions of Fear

Majesty, Trial By The Archon, Run For The Night. Amazing.

Majesty is awesome guys. One of the best speed metal songs out there and of course, my personal favorite from this subgenre (alongside Banish From Sanctuary). - Metal_Treasure

I started listening to blind guardian yesterday, and I'm listening to this album right now.
It's very good! I like it. - Kiyomi

8 Twist in the Myth

This album isn't as bad as people say it is. It's actually pretty good in my opinion.

This album isn't bad at all - it is just softer than their usual stuff and this may have disappointed some fans, who prefer different types of Blind Guardian songs. The album is vocal-oriented and has some of the best vocals and vocal harmonies by Hansi, if not the best. Song are very well writen and performed. I listen to this album for the vocals that are pure bliss. Hansi deserved an album focusing on his great vocals. - Metal_Treasure

Fly, Otherland, Turn The Page, The New Order, This Will Never End, Another Stranger Me, Skalds and Shadows. - Metal_Treasure


9 Tales From the Twilight World

How this can be below "A Twist in the Myth" is beyond my understanding. Lost in the Twilight Hall is one of the best songs in BG's discography, and many others from this album (Traveler in Time, The Last Candle, Lord of the Rings...) are up there as well. The music in it is unique, a mixture between the old and more speedy Blind Guardian and the progressive power metal we are familiar with nowadays. It marks the beginning of a change while being the change itself. This album is a masterpiece.

This album is a gem, and a grand improvement over the first two albums, which were good, but largely influenced by other bands. With Tales from the Twilight World Blind Guardian discovered their identity.

One of the most underrated albums of all time.

Every single song in this album is amazing.

Best BG album

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10 Follow the Blind

This album is extremely under rated; songs like banished from sanctity, and follow the blind, and don't brake the circle are particularly awesome. this album certainly deserves higher than last
(although the idea of putting a blind guardian album last for any thing should be a sin)

Banish From Sanctuary in one of my favorite BG songs - aggressive and fast. Love Hansi's raw voice and the solo is really amazing, too.
And don't forget Valhalla is on this album, too. - Metal_Treasure

Should be top 5 one of BG best

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11 Symphonies of Doom
12 Battalions of Fear - Lucifer's Heritage
13 Forgotten Tales

Gran album recopilatorio, con versiones especiales de canciones clasicas y muy buenos covers.

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