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21 Turn the Page

Hello? Is it only me who lovers this awesome song? This Song is worth to be in top Ten!

So much energy in this song! I'm also surprised this isn't higher up.

Awesome song and Hansi's voice is buttery smooth here. I'd say top 15-20 (#56 is too low for this tune). - Metal_Treasure

22 The Bard's Song (The Hobbit) The Bard's Song (The Hobbit)

One of their best songs! This should be close to the top.

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23 Another Stranger Me Another Stranger Me
24 Surfin' USA

This isn't blind guardian's genre

Seriously Guardian? why the hell would you do a cover of this song?

25 The Soulforged

This is the one that got me into Blind Guardian. Amazing composition! No 4/4, verse-chorus-verse-chorus crap here!

26 Time What is Time Time What is Time

Why is this at the Bottom? Top 15 easily

I also think it's one of their best - it's on my personal top 10. It's live version from 'Tokyo Tales' is great. - Metal_Treasure

I feel that this song is somewhat underrated even by the BG fans - it's awesome and 'transitional': from the early BG to a more mature and diverse BG; Hansi revealed more of his incredible vocal skills. - Metal_Treasure

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27 A Voice in the Dark A Voice in the Dark

This song's musical content reflects its subject matter! The song itself sounds like going on a long journey somewhere while being assaulted furious blizzard.

How is this not higher up? This song is so epic I couldn't believe what I was hearing when I first heard it...

A great song with a fast pace and an excellent tune. One of the best in the album and definitely worth your time.

43? this deserve the top 10

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28 Imaginations from the Other Side Imaginations from the Other Side V 3 Comments
29 Ride Into Obsession Ride Into Obsession V 2 Comments
30 Guardian of the Blind
31 Fly Fly

Epic song, I love it!

I love it, too - Hansi's voice is absolutely face-melting here; it's a proggy song with a crunchy riff. - Metal_Treasure

32 Curse My Name Curse My Name

Musically this song just might top the bard's song as my favorite Blind Guardian ballad. During my first listen through of the "At the Edge of Time" album I cried when I first heard all the overlapping layers of different vocal lines in the middle of this song.

A great song crippled by being in the wrong album. This song clashes heavily with the rest of the album which is likely why it has received so little attention. Definitely worth a listen to on it's own.

Its such an amazing song. It has so many layers, and a very good melody as well. Definitely take a listen to this!

For me, this song isn't just the best of blind guardian, it's also my all-time favorite song.

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33 Grand Parade Grand Parade

Perfectly performed solos and build up in the middle of this song.

Did anybody else notice that Hansi hit his (probably) highest note ever (5:30)?
That's beyond my expectations and understanding - usually aging lowers singers voices but Hansi goes higher (2010)... and higher (2015).
Who is Hansi Kursch, ladies and gents? - Freak of Nature? Vocal God? - Metal_Treasure

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34 The Curse of Feanor

Nice shred from start-to-finish. This is a top-notch metal song, let alone Blind Guardian.

Should be right after Nightfall, as it is on the album!

My favorite song off my favorite album- I actually think Ride into Obsession is the best BG song, but you can't beat the riffs in this one.

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35 Welcome to Dying Welcome to Dying

In my opinion is the loudest of the blind guardian the instruments are in perfect harmony and live is even better.

Paulo Henrique M. De Lima Perus, São Paulo Brasil.

36 The Martyr
37 Otherland Otherland

Come! Take a look! Breath it in! Artificial wonderlands!

A song that takes your soul! The first passage �'�'they rule the land their in command, they hold our wings in hand�'�' is just perfect!

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38 Twilight of the Gods Twilight of the Gods
39 Another Holy War V 1 Comment
40 Control the Divine Control the Divine
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