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61 Lammoth Lammoth
62 And the Story Ends

I could only find this song on YouTube, it's not even on itunes, but it's amazing.

63 Traveler In Time Traveler In Time
64 The New Order The New Order
65 Under the Ice

Love this song. The slaughter house part is epic

I was lucky to hear it live! Just love the song!

66 The Last Candle The Last Candle

A great song - the intro scream, the chorus, the outro. Hansi's voice is superb! This song is awesome live. - Metal_Treasure

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67 At the Edge of Time At the Edge of Time
68 Prophecies
69 The Quest for Tanelorn

Arguably the best song on the album, and one of the best in Guardians discography as a whole. This song is incredible, with a god tier intro, extremely catchy chorus, fast paced and powerful verses, all combined with that hypnotizing bridge.

70 I'm Alive
71 War of Wrath War of Wrath
72 Beyond the Ice

Best song ever in my opinion, its fantastic, solos, riffs, vocals
Best of blind guardian and whole the power metal universe

This is a GREAT instrumental. This song shows a lot off Blind Guardian's speed and skill. I would love to see it live!

73 This Will Never End This Will Never End

Incredible song, great riffing throughout the song, vocals are pristine, all around just an incredible song.

Surprised no one mentioned this song. It's pretty awesome.

Great song, wish it was more popular.

74 Born In a Mourning Hall V 1 Comment
75 Run for the Night Run for the Night
76 Sacred Mind Sacred Mind

This one is quickly becoming a favorite from the new 2015 album, too.

Love how Hansi sings with his ghostly voice at the beginning and especially how he shouts "on FIRE!". It sounds so psychotic - awesome! - Metal_Treasure

77 Ashes of Eternity Ashes of Eternity
78 Mies Del Dolor
79 Punishment Divine

Hard, fast, dynamic crazy song. Perfect.

80 Journey Through the Dark

The LIVE version from Tokyo Tales captures all the power and melody of a Blind Guardian concert, and deserves a spot among the top of their all time song list

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