Best Blind Melon Songs

Blind Melon is one of the most underrated bands of the 90s. They're mostly known for their hit song "No Rain" but they have so many more songs that can rival it for the best.
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1 Change Change Cover Art

I got the lyrics "When life is hard, you have to change" tattooed on my arm, just because I got to a point in my life that I thought everything was done and over with for me, then I heard this song, and it literally changed my life. That may sound cliche, but when I'm having a bad day, all I do is look at my arm, and know that if I think life is hard, then I'm going to change it. Thanks Shannon Hoon.

The opening riff always gets to me.. Its sad that they don't make songs like this these days..

Greatest song of all! Great melody, great lyrics!

2 No Rain No Rain Cover Art

All I can say, if you don't like this song, go and give it another listen. Over and over again 'til you realise how great it is. It rarely happens the first time.

Just brilliant. Wasn't convinced 1st listen as I like slightly heavier stuff at the time like Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana but over time it has become one of my all time favourites along with Change

Once you hear it out, it will forever be engraved in you memory :D ^_^

3 Soul One Soul One Cover Art

All time favorite from Blind Melon along with Change. Love love.

Beauty and sad at the same time

4 St. Andrew's Fall St. Andrew's Fall Cover Art

This list sucks. Change #1? No Rain #2? This is real blind melon, not an stupid commercial no rain song, that, sure still great, but this song is one of the best songs of the decade and their best song overall.

Crazy that this is so low on the list. One of their best songs. Mouth full of cavities is another. Should be 1 and 2. No Rain blows.

5 Time Time Cover Art
6 Deserted Deserted Cover Art
7 Mouthful of Cavities Mouthful of Cavities Cover Art

Great lyrics, great tune, so melodic! I LOVE this song!

8 Seed to a Tree Seed to a Tree Cover Art
9 Tones of Home Tones of Home Cover Art

Should be in top 3 after change and no

10 Toes Across the Floor Toes Across the Floor Cover Art
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11 Walk Walk Cover Art

Beautiful, beautiful song. Hits my heart strings because of how much I relate to it.

12 Soak the Sin Soak the Sin Cover Art
13 Soup Soup Cover Art
14 Galaxie Galaxie Cover Art
15 Mother Mother Cover Art

Much better than no rain, change or soul one. The only reason no rain and change are on the top of the list is because of dumb voters that have only heard those two songs. Do yourselfs a favor and litsen to their discography. You´ll discover that they´re two of their weakest songs.

How didn't anyone mention this song, its amazing

16 Holyman Holyman Cover Art
17 Sleepyhouse Sleepyhouse Cover Art
18 Swallowed Swallowed Cover Art
19 Paper Scratcher Paper Scratcher Cover Art
20 Dear Ol' Dad

The most jamming Blind Melon song!

21 I Wonder I Wonder Cover Art

Love this song. Great video as well. Bit more gritty then some of their others

Surely this needs to be higher on this list! Great tune

22 Pull Pull Cover Art
23 Lemonade Lemonade Cover Art
24 Wilt Wilt Cover Art
25 Candy Says
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