Best Blink-182 Music Videos

Vote for your favourite Blink-182 music videos. I'll put a top ten to start with.

The Top Ten

1 First Date

Yes, I love this one. Does it remind anyone else of the movie Hot Rod?

This is a video that will always put me in a good mood - Danielsun182

Hilarious and very well thought out. Always makes me laugh.

2 What's My Age Again?

Really famous and funny


3 All the Small Things

Although I have a lot of resentment towards this song because of people thinking that it represents blink and is the best song, I laugh every time I watch the video because the video truly represents blink as these goofy guys who love to take the piss and do it all for fun

4 The Rock Show

Just a really funny video, which I can't help but laugh at every time I watch. It shows the guys personalities and how they really don't care about much at all, other than having a good time. They're just great in this video!

5 Dammit

Funny video, great song, top 5. - 8gerrard8

6 Stay Together for the Kids
7 Down

The best video for me, shows the band playing the music in a great setting. Very unique video and song, definitely my favourite.

8 Always
9 I Miss You
10 Josie

Love when mark trips over, classic

It is so entertaining to watch

Tom's run cycle though - Sojournes2112

The Contenders

11 Adam's Song
12 Man Overboard
13 Not Now

Even though it is compiled videos, the emotion is deep and imminent. The song is different, less punk, but it is amazing nonetheless. Blink is awesome.

14 Feeling This
15 After Midnight
16 Up All Night
17 Love is Dangerous
18 She's Out of Her Mind
19 Home is Such a Lonely Place
20 Wishing Well
21 Heart's All Gone
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