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41 Untitled

Such relatable lyrics, fast paced and raw it's one of blinks best - jamez870

I don't know how this song can almost perfectly relate my story with someone, the 90% of the lyrics is related to something I lived and I experienced, I hear it and I think 'Wow, did Tom, Mark and Travis wrote this for me? ' is really awesome when you can hear a song and say 'This happened to me! '. - Wolf92xd

Besides Dammit, this is my favourite on Ranch. Relatable lyrics, awesome chorus and amazing drumming. needs top 10 credit.

This song has a special place in my... Heart? Good times, wonderful memories! My trip to Italy in summer 2004 wouldn't have been the same without these words. "we might have had it all"!... Now I give up so goodbye and so long!

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42 Roller Coaster

This song is awesome! It reminds of First date a lot. I can't believe it's at the bottom. If you never listened to this song you definitely should it sure to make a fan out of anyone! ❤

Why isn't this song on top 10? It is totally my favorite

This song is too great to be put way down.

I like song, because I like song haha

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43 Reckless Abandon

This song is epic! Why is it NOT number one! I dare anyone who didn't vote this song to give me one good reason (also a good song) why this isn't number 1!

This is one of Blink's best songs, and I've heard all of their songs. I'm utterly confused as to why this is #92... this is a top 10 song!

Why isn't this on the list!? From Blink's best album, Take off your pants and Jack it. - blink41sum182

Why is this song so underrated? For me is pretty good. maybe if you're not a blink fan, you wouldn't like it because is not too famous, but for me it is really good, the chorus is catchy, so the main riff and everything in the song. I can hear this everyday and never get tired. - Wolf92xd

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44 I Won't Be Home for Christmas

Not well known at all, as (as far as I know) it didn't feature on any of their albums. But it's funny, upbeat, with absolutely genius lyrics telling a brilliant story, and (true to blink-182 form) with a FANTASTIC chorus. Tom does brilliant backing vocals and mark does main and I don't even need to say how good travis' drums are.

This is one of the best Blink songs ever. I mean listen to these lyrics! :D
This song and Dammit were the bridge to Enema of the State. Tom DeLonge's Riff is also really good

45 Heart's All Gone

One of their best songs, definitely belongs in the top 10! It gets me pumped up every single time I hear it. Its one of those song's that everybody can relate to in some way.

MUCH better than Up All Night! This is proper old school Blink with great vocals from Mark, awesome drumming from Travis and epic guitar instrumental (especially in the middle of the song). Should be way ahead of Up All Night! Vote!

WOW! This is old school Blink 182! This is the kind of stuff that the new Blink 182 albums NEEDS to be GREAT. AWESOME song... 8.5/10

Travis drum and Mark vocal great
This song should at 10 list

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46 Pretty Little Girl

This song definitely deserved to be placed higher. It's one of my favorite songs of all time. Travis takes it a bit slower in this album because of his wrist, but regardless the situation, this song has raw passion that everyone can relate to.

This is my favourite song, should be way further down than 74

Seriously why is this down so low?! This deserves to be in the top 15 at least!

Are you kidding me? 65? Thou art not a blink-182 fan.

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47 Apple Shampoo

Why is this on the bottom? Come on now, this a such a great blink 182 song, it should at least be in the 30's range if not higher. With blink there are too many good songs to choose the best of them, but this should at least be up there. This is a good song, check it out if you haven't heard it before :)

I cannot believe this is so far down. This song has so much meaning and is so powerful. This is my all time favorite blink song, and Mark put so much feeling into it. Amazing guitar riff, and it is catchy and upbeat from the beginning. "I'll take what your willing to give, and teach myself to live, wih the walkon part in a background shot of a movie I'm not in"

The best crazy underrated and the best on the best record amazing catchy and great start with a single guitar and vocals from hoppus killer track

This song is crazy underrated

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48 Here's Your Letter

Now why the heck is this all the way down here? It's an epic song, I'm sure fellow blink fans will agree.

Incredible song, great vocals, great music. Its fast paced and just great. The fact this song is 61st disgusts me. I'm not saying it's their best song but its certainly better than a lot of these songs.

WHY IS THIS AT 64. THIS SONG DEFINED MY SOPHOMORE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL. MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. This was the most powerful song on the self titled, so much emotion.

This song was sung so well by Mark...

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49 Don't Leave Me

Pure Blink-182. Great ass song. Plus Hoppus sings it which always makes it better

11/10 great tempo -GNI

50 Pathetic

50th?!?! This song deserves to be much higher up the list, its probably its one of their earlier songs so people must not have ever listened to it. Id put it at least in the top 20.

Its pathetic that this isn't higher on the list

This song isn't pathetic, for me top 10

I love this song

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51 Give Me One Good Reason

Probably the best song of all time, not just blinks best song but the best song in the word. Everyone can relate to it, the lyrics are so meaningful! Why isn't this number 5 at least? It's defiantly blinks best song!

Lyrics are so visceral and real. You feel the pain and agony they felt when writing and recording this song. Definitely one of my personal favorites. People who have been in that place will understand this song.

I love this song...whould be so much higher :/

This should be in the top five at least top twenty this song is like the petfect description of modern society

52 Love is Dangerous

How come it's at 62. This should be at Top 10. Guys please vote up

This song is amazing should be higher up

Agree! Its not this bad men.

Should be on top 5 up there fuch off

53 She's Out of Her Mind

I love the catchy intro, Matt and Mark killed it in the amazing intro, sounds like something Tom would make, but then the rest of the song then sounds like a 5 Seconds Of Summer song. Even the title sounds like one. Plus the lyrics are kinda creepy for a 40 year old to sing to. The song would have been much better if it was a more mature topic and kept it like the intro and not like a poppy 5SOS song. Most of this album was too poppy. - AnimeDrawer

Best song on California...comparable to the best of Blink. The band finds a way to still relate to younger fans while in their 40s.

This is my favorite off California but my all time favorite is going away to college

This is very good song

54 Dick Lips

I love this song it's a classic why don't people like it?

This is my favorite song. I feel like it should be in top 5

This is one of there best songs what the hell is it doing this low?!

This song is awesome, check it out if you haven't heard it.

55 Kings of the Weekend
56 Home is Such a Lonely Place

Truly wonderful to listen to. Similar to Good Riddance by Green Day in the sense that its acoustic and just a nice song in general

57 All of This

I couldn't decide if I wanted to vote for this or Easy Target. I voted for this, but both are in my top Blink-182 songs (I usually count them together) - RestlessHeartGrenade

Robert smith and tom de longe on this work perfectly together, so much emotion and realness in the song as well

Not my favourite Blink song, but easily in my top 10, this should be much higher!

Come on this is genius top twenty'a at least!

58 I'm Lost Without You

Blink 182 have delved into their artsiest piece of music here and have not disappointed the slightest, instead making Picasso of successful music. They have shown us how they conquer different areas of musical genres with class. The most important and meaningful Blink 182 track to date. Absolute pure talent

I always thought this was a very beautiful and meaningful song. It is delivered in a way that evokes emotion and yearning like very few songs do.

This song is simply awesome, when you pay attention and you feel the lyrics it becomes even better, again, like a lot of blink songs, I feel related to it, the lyrics and the music makes me feel so sad, it is in my top 10 blink-182 favorite songs and I really like it. - Wolf92xd

A very sad song, but very good nevertheless

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59 Lemmings

57? Lemmings? Really? I guess it's because I'm 29 and have heard all of blink's work and know that dude ranch was far and away their finest work. Beginning to end is unforgettable and the replay value is priceless and timeless. You ask me, anyone who thinks any album after enema is their best is just ignorant and lacks knowledge and/or taste... Lemmings 57? Get a hold of yourselves... My all time favourite and in most true blink fans top 10... In fact, dude ranch would probably occupy 5,6,7, or 8 spots out that top 10... Byye

I understand that the top 10 are all singles, and I'm not dissing them, but oh my god this song is probably the most meaningful song that blink has ever put out in their entire career. Yet it's at 54. That's pathetic. I'm starting to think that barely anyone on this website has listened to anything pre-Enema. That's the only way to explain the garbage from Neighborhoods being above this.

60 Sometimes
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