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61 Snake Charmer Snake Charmer

Please listen this song first before you vote. Its really deep and good! Its like a burger

I love all their songs but this is way too underrated.

62 No Future No Future

This is one of the best songs on California

I think it deserves a high spot up here.

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63 Wendy Clear Wendy Clear

One of the best guitar riffs. Ever. Fast-paced, catchy, incredible for drumming to. The lyric, "I play with fire to break the ice", remains to this day one of my favourite blink-182 lyrics. And yay for Mark's vocals and a good bass line.

One of the underrated songs from blink-182, nice pace and lyrics, should be at least on TOP 20!

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64 Anthem Anthem

This just isn't my favorite blink song, but my favorite song of all time! Makes me sad to see it so far down the list. This is #1 for me forever!

All the blink-182 songs are perfect for me, I've been a fan since years ago and I've been growing up with them since the first day I heard them. It is one of my favorite bands and I can't explain how I feel when I hear their music. Simply unique, They're awesome. Anthem is a good song, just like all the other ones. It is fast and Tom's voice synchronizes perfect at time to make sense with the drums and the guitars. I can't decide which one is better between anthem 1 or 2, they are both awesome. - Wolf92xd

Unbelievable. This should be top 20, easy. Amazing song.

This is the best Non-single song off of Enema of the State! If not then it's dumpweed but still! This can't be at 81 I expexted this to be muchhh higher

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65 Obvious Obvious

This is one of the most powerful songs they've ever done. Everything about the instrumentation but especially the lyrics. Tom's vocals were at there peak in this song and really the entire untitled album.

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66 Alone
67 Reckless Abandon Reckless Abandon

This song is epic! Why is it NOT number one! I dare anyone who didn't vote this song to give me one good reason (also a good song) why this isn't number 1!

This is one of Blink's best songs, and I've heard all of their songs. I'm utterly confused as to why this is #92... this is a top 10 song!

Why isn't this on the list!? From Blink's best album, Take off your pants and Jack it. - blink41sum182

Easily a top 5 blink song

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68 Bored to Death Bored to Death

Great song one of the better from California a good new sound while still embracing the old sound at the same time

Probably one of their best songs to date. An excellent comeback song and is worthy of at least being in the top 10 or 20

Next to San Diego, it's got to be one of the best songs on California

The reason I searched for this list.

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69 F*** a Dog

The lyrics are really deep.

Number 1 song lyrics are inspiring.

A song everyone can truly relate to.

Describes my life perfectly

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70 Go Go

Terrible, terrible list. This is REAL Pop Punk and my favourite song from the self titled album along with Down.

71 When I Was Young When I Was Young

The chorus is just amazing. Even though it's from their newest album, it's still so nostalgic for me because it came out when I was in high school. So many memories I will never forget. Truly a fantastic and memorable song by the legendary Blink-182. - Dorito

Come on, this is just an awesome song, period. It shows their maturing without sacrificing their distinctive sound. I can't believe it's this low..

I was surprised this wasn't much much higher... A really emotional songs

When I was young,
The world it was smaller,
The cities were vast,
The buildings were taller,
I felt really strong,
My parents seemed stronger,
But life has a way...

Great song. Incredible lyrics by DeLonge

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72 I Won't Be Home for Christmas I Won't Be Home for Christmas

Not well known at all, as (as far as I know) it didn't feature on any of their albums. But it's funny, upbeat, with absolutely genius lyrics telling a brilliant story, and (true to blink-182 form) with a FANTASTIC chorus. Tom does brilliant backing vocals and mark does main and I don't even need to say how good travis' drums are.

This is one of the best Blink songs ever. I mean listen to these lyrics! :D
This song and Dammit were the bridge to Enema of the State. Tom DeLonge's Riff is also really good

73 Boxing Day Boxing Day

Boxing Day is by far my favorite Blink-182 song, no questions asked. It's touching, has beautiful guitar and very nice lyrics.

One of my favorite songs of blink182 it has power and meaning just listen to it and you will be hooked

This song is one of the best I've heard by Blink 182
It deserves to be in the top 20

Such a nice riff at the start

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74 Waggy Waggy V 2 Comments
75 Another Girl Another Planet Another Girl Another Planet

Even though this is a cover song, it is still sad to see this song so low on the list. It shouldn't be first, but it deserves way better than 42nd. This is a great song and Blink 182 did an excellent job with the cover. A catchy song and in many ways exactly what we came to expect from this band.

Such an amazing song, definitely in my personal top 10

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76 Family Reunion

How is this so low? This is what I know the band for!

This song hits it home. Best lyrics in any song ever.

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77 She's Out of Her Mind She's Out of Her Mind

Best song on California...comparable to the best of Blink. The band finds a way to still relate to younger fans while in their 40s.

This is my favorite off California but my all time favorite is going away to college

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78 Zulu V 1 Comment
79 Happy Holidays, You Bastard Happy Holidays, You Bastard

Awesome way to celebrate Christmas with your parents

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80 Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole

Sure their 2016 album, California, doesn't come out till July 1st, but this song really is good.

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