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101 TV
102 Wrecked Him

This is my favourite blink 182 song. It doesn't seem like many people have heard it because it was on a ep of there's and not an album so ask you to please listen to it

103 Fentoozler
104 Emo

How am I just putting this up? Such a touching song about a girl mistreated by a jerk boyfriend. Great Dude Ranch song, so underrated. And Mark and Toms singing together is just so amazing.

How is this so low. this song described my friend perfectly and the guitar riff in the beginning is so catchy. I like travis but you can't say scott raynors drumming isn't the definition of a punk drummer

105 Fighting the Gravity

Fighting the Gravity is the most epic Blink 182 song of all. Not everybody will understand what the lyrics are trying to say, but if you pay attention you'll feel it, it takes you to a better place. It is not a popular song, many people who like Blink 182 don't know Fighting the Gravity

This song is my favorite to listen to how is this not even rated!

106 Mother's Day
107 I'm Gay
108 This Is Home

This is a good song I say this should be top 30

Love the intro. It's a crime it's this low

109 Strings

I would do anything and that's what scares me so bad. Don't want to live my life alone, don't want to go back to what I had (... ) Don't want to walk around being tied to anyone else's STRINGS.

110 Don't Tell Me It's Over

I've just found a hidden track for blink 182. look it up on YouTube for all you people who are curious about it

This Is My Second Favorite Blink Song!

111 Zulu V 1 Comment
112 Brohemian Rhapsody Brohemian Rhapsody
113 Cynical
114 Parking Lot

Honestly, new Blink-182 isn't as bad as I expected. But really, Matt's voice isn't as good as Tom's, he has nothing on Tom. He is not a bad musician, but he just doesn't fit the band, he should go back to Alkraine Trio, where he really belongs. I appreciate Mark and Travis still being loyal to the band and doing their best, but really, without the original creator, which is Tom, the band isn't the same and are not as good. Yes, they did get more famous, but they don't sound as good. I actually liked Neighborhoods more than California. - AnimeDrawer

I get to see them play this in April. SUCK IT! - Sojournes2112

115 Toast and Bananas
116 Anthem

This just isn't my favorite blink song, but my favorite song of all time! Makes me sad to see it so far down the list. This is #1 for me forever!

All the blink-182 songs are perfect for me, I've been a fan since years ago and I've been growing up with them since the first day I heard them. It is one of my favorite bands and I can't explain how I feel when I hear their music. Simply unique, They're awesome. Anthem is a good song, just like all the other ones. It is fast and Tom's voice synchronizes perfect at time to make sense with the drums and the guitars. I can't decide which one is better between anthem 1 or 2, they are both awesome. - Wolf92xd

Unbelievable. This should be top 20, easy. Amazing song.

Better than part II

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117 Just About Done V 2 Comments
118 Depends
119 When I Was Young

The chorus is just amazing. Even though it's from their newest album, it's still so nostalgic for me because it came out when I was in high school. So many memories I will never forget. Truly a fantastic and memorable song by the legendary Blink-182. - Dorito

Come on, this is just an awesome song, period. It shows their maturing without sacrificing their distinctive sound. I can't believe it's this low..

I was surprised this wasn't much much higher... A really emotional songs

When I was young,
The world it was smaller,
The cities were vast,
The buildings were taller,
I felt really strong,
My parents seemed stronger,
But life has a way...

Great song. Incredible lyrics by DeLonge

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120 Boxing Day

Boxing Day is by far my favorite Blink-182 song, no questions asked. It's touching, has beautiful guitar and very nice lyrics.

One of my favorite songs of blink182 it has power and meaning just listen to it and you will be hooked

This song is one of the best I've heard by Blink 182
It deserves to be in the top 20

Such a nice riff at the start

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