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1 Bewitched

None of these songs are good. And Bewitched is one of the most boring songs ever, it sounds like circus music.

If Dahvie Vanity sang to a girl with cancer, then she would put a end to her misery. Whoever loves their music should be ashamed of themselves, but then again I was told that Bewitched and Rise And Shine were the only tolerable songs...but I don't want to put a end to it...YET...! - Gehenna

Love this song and the video. I love to sing it. Did you guys see that video off of YouTube when blood on the dance floor sing to that girl with cancer it was so sweet. I started to cry.

Whoever likes this song has no taste in music. Listen to Bewitched by Candlemass. It's much better.

2 Where's My Wonderland

I agree this is a great song. I love to sing it in my room and give it my all. Blood on the dance floor is a great band keep sing what you are doing. Ignore the haters. I love Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von. This song has lots of feeling to it in the original and unplugged.

Should at least be number 5.
Best song of theirs, it has true meaning.

Their only ok song

3 Unforgiven

Where is "la petite morte: the little death". Whatever, unforgiven is the best on this list

This song helped me through junior high. It's amazing how if you listen to the song word by word then you understand it. And you know how it can help you.

You guys should listen to the acoustic version is great. I would listen to the original song first before you listen to this version.

I may hate them to death but it's the later ones were an improvement. And why? The song Unforgiven of course. About 2 or 4 songs I like form them but the best for me is this one

4 Rise & Shine

This is an amazing song, its a great way to show people the truth, nobody should be bullied because of what they look like or what music they're into or ANY reason. Nobody should feel unwanted or the need to commit suicide. This is an amazing video, it is SO VERY INSPIRING.

The only good song Edit: Never mind found out the meaning, don't like it anymore. - XxembermasterxX

Best bully song listen to saving Abel bringing down the giant that is another good song

Blood on the dance floor is the best rock on man you guys rule do a song with brokencyde

5 Incomplete and All Alone
6 Unchained

This song is what got me hooked to BOTDF. - PiercedVeil

Hell yeah!

I agree with you to I am so hooked on botdf to that I have listen to all of there albums so far. If you 💜 botdf listen to master of death the album Dahvie Vanity from botdf made that album those are his songs they are great. And for the people who say there songs are all about sex well then you should stop listening to them. And if you want songs that aren't about sex listen to the album master of death this album is about things that go on in life.

7 The Comeback

This is alright. - I80

I hate BOTDF, but this is their only good song

8 Your Sorry Life
9 The Loving Dead

I love this song. We are, we are the loving dead we love we love even in death.

10 Sexting

Absolutely disgusting. This band is awful. The lyrics are gross, and this is a perfect example of a disposable song. If you like this band, seriously contemplate your taste in music. I guarantee you, no one over the age of 30 likes this band or this song.. Outside of pedophiles as sex addicts of course.

Okay so how is both the best and worst of their songs? Really shows their true quality huh? THEY'RE ALL TRASH LOL

This song is hilarious! The music is catchy and fun and the lead singer's voice is, as always amazing. He has such a unique sound and I just love them!

I don't know I just really like this song...

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11 Death to Your Heart!

This song was good

I heart this song. Keep on doing what you do best botdf. All of us fans will stick together.

Death to your precious heart. Great song. SGTC all the way everyday. 😂

12 Miss Bipolar (Love Fight)

Love this song. You guys if you have bipolar don't worry your not the only one in this world. It runs in my family.

Think that miss by poler should be number 5

I love this because I'm bipolar and this is how I think I act

This is always a go to for me

13 S My D

This is gross

I love this song I can listen to this sing all day haha. S my D pop it out like lipstick razor sharp eyelashes and my fashion just thrashes in death star black. Love this song. SGTC all the way.

I sing this in the shower sometimes lmao hope they go to warp tour 2015

Best song ever
Botdf 4 life - deeedlebug

14 Believe

This song is about believing in yourself so why can't it be at the top. I live all of the blood on the dance floor albums they are great. They are so talented. I love how they ignore haters.

How is this song not on the list? Its amazing and super inspiring.

Why isn't there a "none of them" option. ?

This song is so inspirational to those that have dealt with bad things in life... - BryVonMonroe

15 Damaged

When I heard this song, I thought Linkin Park went more techno! IT'S AWESOME!

Love this song the video is so scary. But still great.

Really good song,awesome video, love you Dahvie and Jayy

Sorry about the comet I wrote above it was suppose to say these than three is just a tease send those nudes that make me drool. Stupid autocorrect. Gosh I hate it when that happens. It's so embarrassing.😐

16 The Untouchables

Great song I listen to it every night. 😇

17 Yo, Ho

This song is terrible.

I Love this song on my list its number 1! It's a pirate's life for me.

I love this song, so funny and happy

Yo Ho! I love this song! its hilarious! - BryVonMonroe

18 Bitches Get Stitches

I love this song.. its funny and has an awesome meaning!
"check yourself before you wreck yourself"

This should be #1! Great message in it

Sorry about the autocorrect up above this song I meant to put your bully instead of the other word that was put down.

Funniet song I've ever heard so amazing c:

19 Scream for My Ice Cream

They suck but embarrassingly I actually like this song

So many sexual innuendos, I love this song so much, it's so catchy, it was my ringtone for like a year

So fantastic

Great song I love this song to. I like the song bitches get stitches to.

20 I <3 Hello Kitty

What a great song. People in my school even my friends thought I was crazy for liking this song but who cares it's a blood on the dance for song I am not going to let people get to me because I like this song I am going to ignore them and you should to. Blood on the dance for fans stick together.

Very first song I heard from them I still love it

This is trash, this and Star Power are the worst songs made from BOTDF, and of all time in general. The beat sucks and is cheap, sounds like it was made by a Fisherprice Keyboard. The lyrics are sexually disgusting. And the vocals are godawful and obnoxious

I love it

21 I.D.G.A.F.

Great song. If you are getting bullied just tell the person who is billing you just say I.D.G.A.F about you. They will stop. Bye love you botdf fans. And I am sorry if you are getting bullied. To be honest I have been bullied by this guy named tanner for 4 years. What I Did instead of getting away from him I thought well I'd I become his friend he might stop billing me. But that didn't work at all. So I am just going to ignore him he is a piece of crap anyway.

22 Candyland

This song should at least be in the top 10! I Love BOTDF!

The song has a good flow but the lyrics suck but that's typical of BOTDF and that image though...-LitSavage

23 Innocent High

Only listen to this band to laugh and this song really hits the spot

Amazing song I 💜 botdf. Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von are amazing people.


24 It's On Like Donkey Kong

I hate it. But less than any of their other songs. -3/5, deserves #1. - ProPanda

No.This is the worst song they ever made.All of their songs suck except for Rise and Shine and this is their worst.-DarkBoi-X

25 Crucified by Your Lies
26 Ima Monster

Who else actually likes the old "sex&drugs" type music they used to make better, not that I don't love there new stuff, but I always find myself up and dancing when scream for my icecreams playing, but getting all bummed out by the new stuff

I say this is a great song. It's a little bit older but it is still great to listen to it when you want to have a laugh. SGTC all the way. Love this song.

Great song. I hate how Garet Extacy was mean to Dahvie Vanity. But I am so glad that Dahvie Vanity meet Jayy Von. Because they sound better together. I am not saying that when Dahvie Vanity was singing with Garet I am not saying there songs where bad because I am not saying that. They made great music together.

Sorry about the stupid autocorrect my comes that I made like the ins up above that say sing I meant song. 😐

27 It's Happening!

It's happening is a great sing to. I love there album Sneak Peak even though it's older.

Great song. It's happening it's happening. Best sing. I love botdf forever and ever.

Sorry you guys I meant to say best song ever. Not best sing ever. Stupid autocorrect.

28 Call Me Master

Pretty kinky. But I personally love the tune and chorus.

I love this song so much.


amazing. their music has improved majorly with every album. by far my favorite.

29 Redeemer

I think I heard this song I am not so sure if I have or not guess I will listen to it. What album is this song off of?

This is one of my favourite Bad Blood songs. The chorus, music, and lyrics are perfect.

30 Don't Want to Be Like You

This group means a lot to me I might be older in age mage to me age does not matter when you listen to music it's what you get from it that makes the world. And I can tell you one thing I know I'm not like the others and I don't want to be like others. I know that I'm going to be me and then what anybody says what anybody does you me and that's all I'm asking for is for people to except me for who I am. Just let my husband and his family and we see what it said league for the mother son more than he will ever know and I wish that we were together to this day because when I married him and married him because I love him and I believed all my heart and still do believe he is my soulmate I love you Kenny Walter peele. And I always will you are my soulmate for life I'm going to leave that day I die and you to want to see you realize that we were meant to be together as one as a family you Me and I daughter Kennedy I love you booth. U2 I'm going to rain come through and I would not ask God ...more

This is an amazing song from an amazing band with a great message! why do they have so many haters

I love this song. It has a lot of meaning to it if you think about it. I love blood on the dance floor. They are an amazing band.

31 Revenge Porn

How is this song so low in ranking?! It's so good!

32 Bitchcraft

Dude... Come on! This is the BEST!

I 💜 this song and the album.

33 You Are the Heart

This song is actually BOTDF standards.The melody is good,but the teen angst and Dahvie's voice ruin this somewhat decent song. - Elina

34 Hollywood Tragedy
35 Ringleader

I'm currently obsessed with this song! I have so many favourite botdf songs, but I really love this one. Dahvie & Jayy's vocals are amazing!

36 Clubbed to Death

I heart this song.

37 P.L.U.R.

Now this is a great club song.

38 Star Power!

Worst song ever, should never be called the best. Any song is better than this garbage. Worst vocals, worst dubstep drop, worst lyrics, booo! I had to listen to Tom DeLonge to recover my ears after listening to this, what a sucky song. Should this even be called a song? This is not music, and it would be a disgrace to call this "music". And that is an understatement. It tries to hard to be awesome and cool, but it ends up being lame rather than cool.

Love this song. My starpower.

39 Happy Violentines Day

This is forever my favourite song by them

1,2,3,4, go grab your chainsaws 5,6,7,8 spray your brains on the wall. HAPPY VIOLENTINES day haha bitch

40 We're Takin Over

Probably I think I have listen to it not sure.

It's a great song with deuce

41 Nirvana

The band Nirvana is better - XxembermasterxX

It's an amazing song it will change you.

Nirvana Marijuana... damn this is great whoever doesn't like BOTDF has some issues. they are the best they saved my life - BryVonMonroe

42 Frankenstein + The Bride
43 Revenge Will Have Its Day
44 Fake is the New Trend
45 Deep Within
46 Anthem of the Outcast
47 Hell on Heels
48 Worlds Away

This song is the most pleasing song ever! - BryVonMonroe

49 Lose Control
50 I Refuse to Sink
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