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21 Light You Up

This is a Stunning song. I really do appreciate Justin's (lead vocalist) voice in all of his songs. His passion is different in each individual song.

Most amazing song, in my opinion, especially the live version(s).

Personal top 5 Blue October song. Amazing

22 Everlasting Friend

Such a great song and concept. Just make sure its true before you fall in love.

This song deserve to be in the top ten

23 Black Orchid

This song is full of feelings, I really love it. I love Justins voice!

24 X Amount of Words V 3 Comments
25 The End

So gritty and hardcore. This is as deep and emotional as it gets.

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26 The Feel Again (Stay)

I love this song. First time I heard it, it brought tears to my eyes. So full of emotions!

My favorite song ever, so powerful, so amazing. 100% love.

27 For My Brother

I've been listening to Blue October lately and yesterday I stumbled upon this song. The violin is amazing and the lyrics are just.. Breathtaking! Seriously everyone should listen to this. I honestly cried when I listened to it.. Thank you blue october :)
'and I sing for my brother who keeps me sane and tells me everything will be ok.'

28 The Follow Through

This song is brilliant, the vocals are powerful!

29 Sway
30 Any Man In America

This song and his explanation are just too powerful to pass up. You can understand a lot about him just by listening to this track.

31 Breakfast After Ten

Best song hands down. I have everyone from my dad to my stepson loving it. "Your not the one with all the problems you're the one with all the pride"

Has been my favorite song since 2011. No bullcrap, right to the point.

32 The Answer

Again another tear-jerker, but from their 2nd album, Consent To Treatment (2000)

33 What If We Could
34 Razorblade
35 The Flight

Song about a man whos girlfriend took his kid and married someone else Blue octobers best song

36 Drama Everything
37 Debris
38 A Quiet Mind

This song is special, you can feel his pain along the lines

39 Picking Up the Pieces

This song is amazing. It's touching, and a little bit different from what you'd expect. It's beautifully written and addicting.

40 Sexual Powertrip (One Big Lie) Bla Bla
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