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21 Fear

I absolutely love this song. Its about not letting fear, and how it might make your life hard, but you have to take control your life.

This song is for everyone, including u and me, who are struggling to face our own world. Sometimes a probably will be accepted as a rubbish by someone but will be seen as a giant monster by another one. This song comes to help a little bit or more. Love this song so much

This track is one of my favorite from sway...

I can't explain how much I love this makes me almost cry

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22 Bleed Out

This song has been my anthem for a couple years now and helped me get the courage to leave an abusive relationship. I get goosebumps every time I hear it, no matter how many times I hear it. It's definitely in my top 5 fave Blue October songs and I think the instrumentals and lyrics are some of their very best.

Such a beautiful song - the acoustic is fantastic. I just got dumped after a two year relationship where I gave the girl absolutely everything, and this song is getting me through it. Thank you, BO, for writing such heartfelt lyrics.

An amazing depiction of inner pain and learning to grow from tragedy. Almost tearful.
It's hard to have a 'top 10' for a band so amazing.

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23 Schizophrenia

This song maybe better than drop, I'm not sure.

24 Ugly Side

This song should be in top 3... Amazing lyrics and a catchy rhythm and a good subject... All factors essential for a song...

25 Angels in Everything

The lyrics, the vocals, the this song, everything is beautiful!

My new favourite Blue October song

26 Amazing
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28 Light You Up

This is a Stunning song. I really do appreciate Justin's (lead vocalist) voice in all of his songs. His passion is different in each individual song.

Most amazing song, in my opinion, especially the live version(s).

Personal top 5 Blue October song. Amazing

This song makes my top 5

29 Come in Closer
30 Weight of the World

Every one should listen to this song! The live version is so Amazing! , "don't bother trusting, don't bother waiting, don't bother changing things that wont get into changing... Just let me ho away.."

All of their songs are the BEST. Hands down.

I can't NOT include this song. Especially the live version from Argue with a Tree, the studio version from approaching normal is.. Meh too quiet; not as powerful as they are live

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32 Everlasting Friend

Such a great song and concept. Just make sure its true before you fall in love.

This song deserve to be in the top ten

33 Black Orchid

This song is full of feelings, I really love it. I love Justins voice!

34 The Feel Again (Stay)

I love this song. First time I heard it, it brought tears to my eyes. So full of emotions!

My favorite song ever, so powerful, so amazing. 100% love.

35 For My Brother

I've been listening to Blue October lately and yesterday I stumbled upon this song. The violin is amazing and the lyrics are just.. Breathtaking! Seriously everyone should listen to this. I honestly cried when I listened to it.. Thank you blue october :)
'and I sing for my brother who keeps me sane and tells me everything will be ok.'

36 Sway
37 Any Man In America

This song and his explanation are just too powerful to pass up. You can understand a lot about him just by listening to this track.

38 Breakfast After Ten

Best song hands down. I have everyone from my dad to my stepson loving it. "Your not the one with all the problems you're the one with all the pride"

Has been my favorite song since 2011. No bullcrap, right to the point.

39 The Answer

Again another tear-jerker, but from their 2nd album, Consent To Treatment (2000)

40 Razorblade
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