Best Blue Stahli Songs

The best of the famous electronic rock project "blue stahli" that was created by multi-instrumentalist "Bret Autrey".

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1 Ultranumb

Best song in its own genre! Made me listen to all Blue Stahli songs but this one was the best :D

I feel numb with this song

This will make you UltraNUUMB! Epic song!

Three Two One.THIS WILL MAKE YOU ALTRAnumb - alter-native

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2 Corner

This song makes me orgasm of all my body...

This song is supercool but bleach amv of ultranumb was also ultra cool blue stahli is such a underrated band I'm tellin

3 Throw Away
4 Anti You
5 Doubt

This should be a higher number

6 Takedown

This song is excellent, it really pumps you up. Finally, a new artist that doesn't suck... - Boblikespie01

Awesome song! Almost all their songs are epic! - BlackDeathCode

7 Down In Flames

New song from the album The Devil (Chapter 1). By far his best song. Will see how the other songs will sound though :D

8 Enemy

Why is this number 9?! this should be number 3.(takedown sucks anyway)

9 The Fall
10 Metamorphosis

Definitely his best song! I love that chorus! I tried to figure it out on the guitar once, but it's hard to hear the chords in the chorus
Anyway Blue Stahli is amazing!

The Contenders

11 Never Dance Again
12 Shotgun Senorita
13 The Pure and the Tainted
14 Shoot Em Up
15 Scrape
16 Give Me Everything You've Got
17 Kill Me Every Time
18 Rockstar
19 Overklock
20 Accelerant
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1. Ultranumb
2. Doubt
3. Down In Flames
1. Ultranumb
2. Anti You
3. Corner
1. Ultranumb
2. Throw Away
3. Corner

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