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Song 2 Song 2 Cover Art

You are not a true Blur fan if you think this is their best song. Thanks to all the Americans for voting this into first place. Blur actually wrote this to make fun of the grunge scene and show how easy it was to write that sort of music. They were probably laughing their heads off when it became a hit in America.

Very hard choice but I have to agree with 27% of the people. It was very close with Parklife though. But Top Ten aside Blur are just overall AMAZING

For those of you who think this is the best song, listen to Parklife, Modern Life is Rubbish, and The Great Escape, in that order. Then you will think twice before voting for Song 2.

An excellent song. First heard it in the FIFA game. It has so much energy and is as catchy as hell. Excellent!

The Universal The Universal Cover Art

Ah god, it was so difficult to choose between This Is A Low, Beetlebum, Parklife, Country House... Ahh! But I just had to go with this song. It's so wonderful, Just listen to the melancholy in Damon's voice and at the same time you can feel hope as well. Amazing lyrics, guitar, bass, and drums, everything about this song.

I absolutely love this song! It's nothing like anything else blur has, but it's so good. I love how orchestral it is and the way that you can still hear all the other components of blur. The chorus is empowering and just a quality song. Brilliant.

This is such an amazing song and the video is one of my absolute favorites :)
And when you look into the lyrics and fully understand them you see how truly brilliant blur were.

For me his is my list of blur's best songs
- the universal
- boys and girls
- song 2
- there's no other way
- fools day
- chemical world
- for tomorrow
- turn it up
- popscene
- charmless man

Coffee and TV Coffee and TV Cover Art

MASTERPIECE! I can't say anymore. I mean the lyric, the melody, the video, the album just so perfect! I always get emotional when this song played.. And REALLY GET EMOTIONAL when I watch the video...the milk cartoon was just so cute but I feel so sorry for him :(

This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I could listen to it on repeat for five hours straight. It blows me away every time.

the best blur's song ever! this should be the number one song... I listened every day all my childhood... just love it

Fantastic song, and one of the best music videos I've seen for it too. It blends Blur's britpop lyrics and their indie music beautifully

Beetlebum Beetlebum Cover Art

Absolutely beautifully written and has a fantastically captivating buildup. While Song 2 is what introduced me to Blur, this is the one that truly solidified my interest and properly made me a fan.

Out of this list Beetebum is the best for one reason: Versatility. This song is the one song on the album that sounds like it's from a different artist every separate minute.

The song Builds and builds and is Blur at their absolute best. Damon and Graham in perfect harmony. My favorite part is the soaring guitar in the outro.

This song should be number 3 behind song 2 and parklife amazing song vote this one up please

Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Cover Art

This is the catchiest and funnest song, at least the one Blur song easiest to remember. Maybe that's annoying for some die hard fans, but I'm trying to look at the big picture.

Don't vote for any song from Blur except for this one. Just, pure perfection. Don't hesitate, vote for this catchy tune

Very similar chord structure to Gorillaz' DARE. Extremely haunting. My favorite from Parklife.

That's exactly what I'm looking for!

Parklife Parklife Cover Art

This song is just so weird and random that it's amazing. The video is quality and the song is just mental. But that's why I love it.

Great riff and very entertaining. I love Damon Albarns voice but this one isn't even sung by him for the most part and it's my favourite.

Love love this song it's so good and amazing great guitar drum bass and singing

A classic song this one should be number 2 or 3

Charmless Man Charmless Man Cover Art

Not about the band members, alcohol, drugs, girls, or other route 1 songs, with versatile instruments, an indie root, brilliant singing, catchy chorus, and the essence of what made Britpop: subtle references to daddy bands (The Smiths) and subtle references to Damon Albarn's music and romantic rival Bernard Butler.

The most reknowned Blur's character song, a really funny portrait of high class decadence with probably the most creative and guitar playing by Graham Coxon in any song the band ever performed.

We all know a few charmless men.

This is a Low This is a Low Cover Art

I could have chosen so many amazing songs to give my vote to (such as the universal, caramel, clover over dover and death of a party), but this is a low just moves me in a way I won't ever be able to describe.

This song is simply beautiful. I love this song much much more than song 2 which is a bit overrated. There both great pieces of music but I think this deserves to be higher on the list.

This song is great, if you listen all the way to the chorus, it's amazing... Should be at the top followed by there's no other way and then girls and boys or she's so high.

A beautiful melody. Atomspheric production that surrounds you. And genuine conviction; you can tell that Damon was bitter and homesick when they recorded this.

Tender Tender Cover Art

This is by far their best song ever. Such a beautiful message and a great one to sing. Leaves you singing it for days afterwards.

One of my all time favourite songs. Best Blur song without doubt. Knocks anything else out. It's amazing.

This song is just wonderful and heart-warming. Love it. Should be in the top 10, I think.

This song should at least be top 5, so much emotion. My favorite I think!

Country House Country House Cover Art

The best one, simple, it's the best one, any song compares to his one its brilliant! I think its perfect, perfect sound, perfect guitar and vocals, perfect solo, great ending, its wonderful!

This songs means more to me than you can understand... it is like I am this song it is me and I am it

Best British song ever! Young' fun and very British!

Words can not describe my love for this song.

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For Tomorrow For Tomorrow Cover Art

It makes you want to sing along, has aged brilliantly and is just an incredible song. Amazing guitar and vocals round it off, and has you dancing and singing all day

Quite simply Blur’s greatest ever song. Not written for commercial success, but as an expression of how they were feeling during the hellish run up to the release of Modern Life is Rubbish. If you want a point in time when Britpop started, it is here, with For Tomorrow.

Combines beautiful nostalgia for some lost past with hope for the future - that's the lyric
The music just suscribes so well what the words are saying

Not just my favorite Blur song. For Tomorrow is my favorite song of all time. I just love it.

End of a Century End of a Century Cover Art

I think that this is one of those very underrated songs that are perfect musically speaking and have really cool lyrics that everyone can relate to.

Beautiful to hear live, great song

Should be higher

Sweet Song Sweet Song Cover Art

It annoys me to see some really meaningless songs above this beautiful piece of music. It reminds me of my friend, me being her only friend...

A lesser known Blur song, but one of the most emotional songs about Damon and Graham's relationship.

Underrated and beautiful. One of the few songs which gives me goosebumps every single time.

This song is just beautiful. Sad. But truly beautiful.

You're So Great You're So Great Cover Art

So beautiful, this song is amazing

It's a good song with good meaning.

Most underrated song of all time

This song's so great and I love it...

Out of Time Out of Time Cover Art

This song means whatever it means to each person listening. Beautiful, beautiful song, hard to choose between this and the universal as their best.

This song is just so different from everything Blur had previously done, but is just as enjoyable. I feel it should be at least Number 10.

Sounds like The Crystal Ship, Albarn goes Jim Morrison. Complete with oriental sounds, haunting song.

So different from previous Blur songs, but just as enjoyable. Even more so.

Fool's Day

New Blur ditty, that seems to absorb the sums of all the parts of their sound from previous incarnations, [including Damon Albarn's side project "The Good, the Bad & the Queen", with seaside-sounding hammond organ accompaniment. 21st century Brit-pop sound of multi-cultural Britain.

There's No Other Way There's No Other Way Cover Art

It's just a great song to listen to on a hot springs day, shouting the lyrics out of your car window

This should be in the top ten! My all time favorite Blur song.

This song is so good! Should be a bit higher

Good Song Good Song Cover Art

This song makes me fell really GOOD every time I hear it, no mather in which conditon am I. It will stay with me forever.

Unbelievably underrated

Chemical World Chemical World Cover Art

This is at 72 while Song 2 is at number one? That's just really sad.

Totally underrated, their best riff in my opinion.

I love this song! It's so catchy and is the standout track in Moddern Life is Rubish.

So underrated! My favorite from MLiR.

On Your Own On Your Own Cover Art

If this was on any other album it would be the best song on there other than 13 and parklife

Gee this sure is my favorite Gorillaz song...

My love of life is on a roll

Should be higher

On the Way to the Club On the Way to the Club Cover Art

Really beautiful and underrated

To the End To the End Cover Art

This just breaks my heart. Great song, great video. Wonderful

So relaxing, make you feel like you are flying

This song is simply wonderful!

M.O.R. M.O.R. Cover Art

pretty great drumming

Country Sad Ballad Man Country Sad Ballad Man Cover Art

This is my favourite song by Blur. Why is this 53rd?! It's one of their best songs.

Best Days Best Days Cover Art
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