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21 M.O.R.
22 Country Sad Ballad Man

This is my favourite song by Blur. Why is this 53rd?! It's one of their best songs.

23 Badhead

Totally underrated. Great song!

24 Bang

Totally underrated, the best song/single off Leisure. - the_universal

25 To the End

This song is simply wonderful!

This just breaks my heart. Great song, great video. Wonderful

So relaxing, make you feel like you are flying

26 Go Out

LOVE this song; my favourite, love the unexpected experimental sound.

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27 Popscene


This is one of Blur's best songs.

28 Good Song

Unbelievably underrated

This song makes me fell really GOOD every time I hear it, no mather in which conditon am I. It will stay with me forever.

29 Sing

Such an amazing song should be much higher, great build up

This is my absolute favourite Blur song and I recommend you give it a listen. You will be completely mesmerized the second you hear it for the first time. It's so atmospherical and utterly beautfiul. Sounds like nothing else I've ever heard. - RobynTM

30 No Distance Left to Run

Totally agree w/OasisFeelsLove! Never have heard this song without feeling something hard in my chest.

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31 Caramel
32 Entertain Me

AMAZING SONG! Sounds so cool! Should be in top 10! Sounds so so good. Advice EVERYONE to hear this song!

Fantastic piece, definitely one of top ten.

33 Battery in Your Leg

Easily the most underrated Blur song

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34 Lonesome Street

This has to be one of blur's best works! Coxon's catchy riffs, Albarn's awesome song writing, James' funky bass and Rowntree's steady drumming all in one song.

35 Trimm Trabb V 3 Comments
36 She's So High
37 Chemical World

Totally underrated, their best riff in my opinion.

38 Look Inside America
39 Ambulance

This song is really mellow and beautiful

Great bass and atmosphere on this one.

40 On Your Own

My love of life is on a roll

Should be higher

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