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41 He Thought of Cars

One of the first songs where Albarn started to question everything- it paints a bleak picture, but it's so beautifully performed that it's heartbreaking. Definitely the best.

I can't believe this is so far down the list- the highlight of The Great Escape, such a heartbreaking message with such a seemingly-trivial metaphor. Blur at their best.

The lyrics are so... So amazing, just amazing, and they match the amazing tune. It's fun to sing along to, a really good song, I really love it. ()/

42 Blue Jeans

Blurs most underrated song

No doubt best ever blur song

43 Crazy Beat

31? What. Can this at least be in the top 10 it's a awesome song. Sure it's different but come can it at least get a bit more credit plus it's a lot like song 2 with the rock sound. Same with Good Song put that in the top 10.

Yes, this is an amazing song.

44 Sunday Sunday

This song is fun

45 My Terracotta Heart

Fantastic song, soothing music, poignant lyrics.

46 1992

1992 is a brilliant song. I love how the bass is dominant in some parts and more recessive in others. Vocals and guitars are pretty as well, and put together with the lonesome, instrumental path it leads, this song is very atmospheric and quite nostalgic-sounding. Blur's very best, in my opinion.

47 Magic America
48 Trouble In the Message Centre
49 There Are Too Many of Us

Awesome song! In tiny houses here and there

50 Pyongyang

Utterly beautiful. The chorus soars

51 The Puritan

Energetic repetitive anthem that encourages instant replays

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52 Jets

From soft to rock to funk to jazz

53 Far Out

Absolutely love Blur, especially the fact that their bassist can write and perform music. Alex's voice and fascination with the night sky and stars is simply adorable.

54 Lot 105
55 Villa Rosie
56 Stereotypes

This is way too low this song has so much energy yeah

57 Ong Ong
58 Ghost Ship
59 Swamp Song
60 Bugman
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